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This is the new server patch version 1.0.6 for the popular Half-life 2 mod, Insect Infestation[/ur...


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This is the new server patch version 1.0.6 for the popular Half-life 2 mod, Insect Infestation. This will patch from version 1.0 to version 1.0.6.


[Added] Auto-help for Resource/Upgrade/Burrow spot [Added] music_multimedia_key_enable var console to enable/diable multimedia keyboard key when the mod start. [Added] mp_votemap_start (Time needed in minutes to allow votemap by the user(s))

[Updated] PhysJaw animation for Ant Worker, Ant Soldier and Termite Worker are done [Updated] Players now follow the surface angles (touch the ground) [Updated] Kill command no longer increments the player's death count on the scoreboard [Updated] Improved font used in the winning interface [Updated] Worker's ghost plants are now only visible to players on your team [Updated] Player's icon on the minimap, easier to find yourself

[Fixed] Player can nolonger go outside the map in DOM_HILL [Fixed] Rush song being played sometimes when the round finished [Fixed] Cactus / Geastrum exploit when built outside the map attacked enemys [Fixed] Structure stack when using the shortcut key to place buildings [Fixed] Player being visible on the hud (target id) and map while burrowed [Fixed] Upgrade count resetting after 8 upgrades were built [Fixed] Votemap by user showing a result window in the top left corner [Fixed] Client crash when changing resolution before starting a listenserver [Fixed] Player Models are now lit up in the class selection interface [Fixed] Firefly model in DOM maps wasn't animating [Fixed] Votemap / Changelevel system not working

This team is doing an absolutely fantastic job of keeping this mod updated. Top notch work!


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