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1070.jpg Kreedz Climbing or KZMOD is a Half-life 2 Modification game. To play it, you will only need to have the Half-life2 game installed.

Kreedz Climbing is a unique, Non-violent, puzzle-type, 3D-First Person game where the player attempts to make his/her way to the top or end of any given course, in a race against time and against other players. The game is purely a sporty non-violent twist of fun without using any traditional types of sport (besides soccer). The player is equipped with various tools which are primarily designed to use against environmental obstructions that need to be broken.

Beat the maps as fast as you can! This is a unique experience. The maps have many types of scenarios which are completely open to the Level Designer himself. They can be realistic maps with nature or city settings, space maps, surrealist, or just plain wierd! Some will be for training as well. It's a good feeling of personal achievement when you actually make it all the way to the end of one of these maps or courses! If you you finish any course while recording a demo, you can set a "World Record" and submit this demo to us via the submit demo link. Wouldn't you like to be the record holder on your favorite map or course? All you have to do is try and train, train, train!

Beta4 Game Mode List:

- Jumping - Bunnyhopping - Longjumps - Longjump Bhops - Bungee - Surfing - Slides - Death Trap - Flare Aim - Derby (vehicles) - Target Race (vehicles) - Race (vehicles) - Dance - Raceway/Sliderace - Raceway Bhop - 2-man Cooperation - Kzmod Soccer - Pong - Connect Four

NOTE: Any desired combination of these game modes can be found in any map or even in one single course which opens up doors for massive amounts of free creativity and new game modes. The combination of a main Discipline and a(or many) minor one(s) can be a very interesting experience. Imagine a jump map with bungee, surf and bhop parts, and this mixed with flare aim and death traps.

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