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NaVirus Assassins Bronze

Navirus Assassins Bronze V2.zip —


This is a Half Life 2 mod that puts cyber-plant assassins into the full game play through 0f HL2 using smod.



))))))))))))))Welcome to((((((((((((((((
------------N A V I R U S---------------
 The A S S A S S I N software for HL2

What this mod does is put working cyber-plant A S S A S S I N S into HalfLife2 and allows the single player experience from beginning to end.

Complete Bronze changelog:

- sound issue fix
- have the Source SDK Base 2013 Singleplayer installed
- have the Source SDK Base 2006 installed

Important Instructions:
Unzip the downloaded Navirus Assassins Bronze V2 file and open it to the smod folder. Close steam. Right click or Ctrl C on smod folder to copy it then paste with right click or Ctrl V into SourceMod folder. Open up steam and look for it.

Look for Strider Mountain HL2 mod at: http://stridermountain.com/home.html

NaVirus Assassins Bronze goes with Dune Literixion, a full game AI Dune mod found on your search engine.

||||||||||||||B O N U S|||||||||||||||||
To play against computer assassins:

Instructions- Enable console in options.
- type maps *
- type map dm_bellas_room_deluxe
- type map dm_avalon
- type map dm_island17

- Hit the "v" key to bring up weapons

-To watch an engine movie: bring up console and type "playdemo demo_g"

-If you want to walk fast in the beginning of the game press the "p" key. Also at the "crane" level, to get past the bridge that falls down you must shimmy the large cargo box to hang over the edge without it falling using the crane. Then run to get a barrel; use the manipulator by pressing the "h" key to bring the larger green dumpster to the cargo trailer. Put the barrel on top of the dumpster, climb up and book to the edge for a flying duck jump. If the gunships are too hard, use the gl0be gun by pressing the "h" key and destroy it! To get a surprise look at the ground and press "k"


Change log:
v2 added blue muzzle effects and W skin

Sfisher7 <- skin
VALVe <- model

Name : Chrome and Black Shotgun
Description : Chrome and black skin for 
the shotgun. It has a brand new skin and 
normal map.The pump is new and it&apos;s 
worn out under the hand. Sights are red
Release Date : 12.8.04
Author : Fragger
Distributed. c.2019 adr0ne music 
DJ CRZNSS appears on the warehouse airboat level...stick around! ;)

email [email protected]

And special thanks to the chief magistrates of the spectator.

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