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Pirates Vikings and Knights II is a 'high-profile' multiplayer mod for Half-Life 2, changing the original setting of the game to a setting where Pirates, Vikings and Knights battle for glory and booty!

PVKII has hit the web, picking up the shards from it's HL1 predecessor, twisting and turning them to create leaner, meaner and prettier non-historically accurate action than ever before.

Pitting nimble Pirates, powerful Knights and mighty Vikings against each other on the HL2 engine, PVKII features an innovative melee combat system, nearly 100% custom content and a complete lack of ninjas, designed to be all that its predecessor was, and more!

New Game Modes

- Holy Grail now replaces all Booty Tag maps. Players fight as a team to take control of the grail. The grail will give the player who holds it special buffs which will also be given to nearby teammates. The counter for your team shows how many kills you need to achieve while buffed by the grail. End the round in victory when your counter reaches zero.

- Last Team Standing is a new round based game mode. Players all spawn at the beginning of the round and work together to kill off all enemies before the timer runs out. When the timer reaches zero, Sudden Death begins. There's no telling what may happen during sudden death, so you had best kill off all players on the opposing teams as quickly as possible!

- Objective Push is a new, mapper controlled game mode. Mappers will have almost complete control over this game mode, setting up objectives and time limits. Certain teams will defend while the others attack, trying to complete all of their objectives in the allotted time frame. Failure to do so will result in the defending team's victory! Any entity with an output function will be able to act as an objective, so believe me when I say mappers will have a lot of control!

New Maps

- pvk_cathedral (Last Team Standing) - pvk_frostbite (Holy Grail)


- Can No longer steal a player's weapon after killing them. - Improved projectile prediction. - Can no longer move on ladders while reloading crossbow/blunderbuss - Team balance no longer counts as suicide. - Berserker no longer loses frag when dying from berserk. - fixed Heavy Knight swing sometimes cancelling after using special. - Can no longer move while reloading crossbow. - Added delay to kill command default 5 seconds. - Added Round Draw support to all game modes. - Fixed problems when using SourceMod nextmap plugin with pvkii.


- Booty game mode now shows how many chests a team has under their counter, timer of the team with most chests blinks red. - Players now given credit for suicides caused by their actions. - Traps can now give frags to the player who enabled them. - Mappers can now disable a team, causing only 2 teams to be selectable. Maps with this ability will no longer be annoying with auto-balance enabled. - game_end event added during final intermission. Comes in handy for server scripts. - func_territory and func_chestzone now parentable. Allows mappers to add moving territories and chest zones. - Melee crosshair can be disabled from the multiplayer options menu now. - Improved hit tracing for melee weapons. - Flame effect at the end of Captain's barrel to show his special is loaded. - New kill icons (chest, shield bash, etc) as well as custom death icons for map entities. - trigger_falldeath added for mappers who have high cliffs, etc. Comes with a cool effect and death icon. - Parrots now randomly poop as they fly around the map. Pooping frequency increases under times of stress, like when pecking at enemy faces.

This is just a fraction of the changes and additions to the game! For a full list, including balance changes and console command additions, check out our 2.1 readme! We've also updated our Playerguide to reflect some of the 2.1 features! We hope you're all looking forward to this patch as much as we are, keep an eye open this upcoming week for downloads!

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Download 'pvkii_beta_2.1.exe' (457.06MB)

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