SourceOP: Administration Control Panel (v0.3.34)

This allows you to remotely connect to your SourceOP server....


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This allows you to remotely connect to your SourceOP server. Once logged in, you can perform a variety of administrative tasks. SourceOP is a server side plugin that uses Half-Life 2's plugin interface to add extras to HL2 mods such as Half-Life 2: Deathmatch or Counter-Strike: Source. These extras include things like: kick, ban, slay, and of course fun items such as a hook, jetpack, fun with physics, entity moding, and many others. It also provides a way for admins to remotely adminster their server.

For more information, check out the Remote Client Wiki page. You can use this client, with the following server tools that you have to add on your own gaming server:

[b]SourceOP: Windows Installer (v0.9.0) [b]SourceOP: Windows Manual Install (v0.9.0) [b]SourceOP: Linux Manual Install (v0.9.0)

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Download 'sourceopadminsetup.exe' (11.14MB)

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