Vietnam Models Pack 2.0



This pack is a collection of Vietnam-themed models. It contains 12 ragdolls, 16 weapons, and 4 miscellaneous props. Full credit to the original authors can be found in the .zip file. A user-optional pack of nine high-resolution facemaps is also included, courtesy of FakeFactory. Installation/deletion instructions are in the Read-Me file. A spawnlist is included with the files. The pack is in addon format.



>> Vietnam Models Pack 2.0 <<
>>>>>>>>>> READ-ME <<<<<<<<<<

Table of Contents:
1. Contact Information (Ryben)
2. Installation
3. Deinstallation
4. FakeFactory Hi-Res Facemaps

>>>>>>>>>> (RYBEN) <<<<<<<<<<

E-Mail: [email protected]

I can be reached via personal
messages on www.facepunch.com
as well.

>>>>>>> INSTALLATION  <<<<<<<

1) Unzip vietnam_models_pack_2.0.zip.

2) Copy the "addons" folder to your Garry's Mod directory.
	- NOTE: For PC users, the directory should be located at: Computer > Local Disk (C:) > Program Files > Steam > steamapps > (YOUR STEAM USERNAME) > garrysmod > garrysmod

3) You will be asked to merge this folder with an existing "addons" folder. Click "yes."
	- NOTE: Merging the folders will NOT override any existing data.

4) Start Garry's Mod.

5) Find the spawnlist titled "Vietnam Models Pack 2.0" in your spawnmenu. Allow time for spawnicons to be generated.

6) Enjoy the pack!

>>>>>> DEINSTALLATION  <<<<<<

1) In your Garry's Mod directory, open the "addons" folder.

2) Locate and delete the folder titled "Vietnam Models Pack 2.0"

3) Return to your Garry's Mod directory and open the "settings" folder.

4) Locate and open the "spawnlist" folder.
	- NOTE: The spawnlist folder should include several text documents.

5) Locate and delete the text document titled "vietnam models pack 2.0"

>>>>>>>> FAKEFACTORY <<<<<<<<
>>>>>> HI-RES FACEMAPS <<<<<<

Included in this pack is a selection of high-resolution facemaps (facial textures)
developed by FakeFactory. You may choose to install these facemaps for use with
the Vietnam Models Pack's 1st Air Cavalry models. However, the installation will
override your existing facemaps for Group03m (medic facemaps). Once installed, these
facemaps can only be uninstalled through replacement by other facemaps.

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