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A group of hikers, after hearing radio broadcasts of the zombie invasion, have come across an abandoned lake. A truck carrying a large amoun...


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A group of hikers, after hearing radio broadcasts of the zombie invasion, have come across an abandoned lake. A truck carrying a large amount of corrosive material has crashed and contaminated the water with it, making the lake extremely dangerous to enter unprotected. Nevertheless, the hikers can use this to their advantage by taking a large fishing vessel out to the center where the water will provide protection from zombies until they can be rescued. However, before this can be done the hikers must reach a radio, located in a wooden boat that has drifted out into the lake, to send out a distress signal. They must also bring 2 cans of diesel fuel to the boat, just enough to push the boat out into the lake. The fishing boat must also be driven out quickly, as a large concentration of the acid as accumulated near where the boat is docked.

Survivor Objectives:

- Head to the dockhouse and ride a boat out to the one containing the radio and send a distress signal. [10 Minutes] - Run to the metal shed and take 2 cans of diesel to the fishing boat. [Remaining Previous Time + 5 Minutes] - Once the diesel has been brought, preventing any zombies from getting onboard.[2 Minutes]

Zombie Master Objectives:

- Kill the survivors, or stop them from reaching the boat in time. - If the survivors have retrieved 2 diesel cans, bring any zombie onboard to win.

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Download 'zm_basin_b2.rar' (2.41MB)




-Disabled hulk spawning from the wooden shed and graves closest to the fishing boat, now only shamblers and drifters can spawn in those locations
-Increased the cost of the "Open Shed Spawn" trap to 200 up from 150
-Increased the cost of the "Release Compressed Air" traps to 150 up from 125
-Disabled banshees from spawning at the spawnpoint near the metal shed
-Made some small detail objects (paintcans, bucket) motion disabled to prevent exploits with them
-The "The boat will depart in 10 seconds." message will now only appear once rather than everytime someone enters the boat
-Removed a small corner of grass in the boathouse
-Extended the area of the trigger_push that prevents zombies from going on the boat before diesel is in place to the end of the docks
-Increased the speed of the trigger_push to prevent banshees from slowly running through it
-Scattered the crates at the fishing boat around the boat and the docks to prevent the zm from knocking them all off with a physics explosion before the players arrive


-Added a crate near the "Chain Explosion" trap for players to use at the metal shed's boxes if they are alone
-Placed 2 additional crates on the fishing boat for barricade material
-Put a pistol and 2 boxes of ammo in the center of the "Chain Explosion"'s area of effect (for those willing to risk it) 
-Added a few more spawnpoints for the survivors
-Added another doorway to the metal shed to prevent the survivors from getting trapped in there so easily
-Placed another pistol and ammo box at the boathouse shed


Place the .bsp and .txt in your \valve\steam\steamapps\SourceMods\zombie_master\maps\ folder.

Map made by: Tysn
Email: tysonbt@gmail.com

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