Zombie Master: Malum Canal (Beta 5)

After a few days of hiding, you and your group of survivours started running low on food and ammo so you decided to leave the city by crossi...


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After a few days of hiding, you and your group of survivours started running low on food and ammo so you decided to leave the city by crossing the river using a nearby bridge. Unfortunately the army blocked the bridge to stop zombies from leaving the city but they left the barricade soon after it was build. Now you need to get through it and blow up the bridge and thus finaly stop zombies from escaping.

Objectives: Humans:

1. Get past the barricades. 2. Hack the computer to open the gate on the bridge. (Stand by the computer for 2 mins) 3. Hack the computer to get access code to get to the storage of explosives. Once you started hacking, ZM may attack the APC blocking the tunnel. If he destroys it, you lose. 4. Plant 1 TNT charge under the bridge. 5. Collect 4 keypads. 2 are on each side of the river. You can collect these at any time. 6. Blow up the bridge. Zombie Master: Kill all survivours or destroy the APC.

Notes: Many things are breakable. Remember that. You can turn on light in the camp by starting the generator.

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Download 'zm_malum_canal_b5.rar' (9.9MB)

Put into your zombie_master/maps directory.
Info about objectives and stuff - press F1 while in-game.
Map is compiled with fast VIS.
I have added fog to help the fps and now it runs pretty well.
Post feedback here:

Map and custom models/textures by Cremator.
Special thanks to:
 Endox for making the bar chair model.
 Valve and ZM team for obvious reasons.
 Several other people and tutorials that helped me get some thing working.

- barricades now have much more HP (2750 instead of 750) to make players use other routes
- trap in cafe now spawns shamblers and drifters, from activation until the hacking is completed or until it spawned 200 zombies. Only 4 zombies will be alive at time.
- hacking 1st computer takes longer ( 2min 40sec instead of 2min)
- you can monitor progress of hacking 1st computer. A new green sprite appears on consolebox after every 20 seconds ( 8 in total )
- hacking 2nd computer takes shorter, only 1min
- ZM now gets bigger resource bonuses (2000 and 1500 instead of 1000 and 1000)
- only shamblers can now damage the APC
- added new trap
- slightly reduced ammo on ground, ammo in crates reduced by about 50%
- spawn near the APC now allows drifter
- rotating gates now hurt zombies and players to prevent blocking them
- fog is now even less thick
- crates in the camp can move now
- added playerclip on generator and computers
- the whole gate now breaks (related to one of the groups)
- fixed one invisible brush
- removed playerclip from cafe (was left from previous version)
- all windows in cafe are now breakable
- skybox no longer appears in tunnel
- changed one barrel on bridge to a weaker one
- removed some barrels
- glow on 2nd computer is now better visible
- aligned some textures in the cafe
- spawn on main street now doesnt allow hulks
- spawn on the bridge now disables after humans got the explosives

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