Zombie Panic: Source v1.01b Patch

The eagerly anticipated V1.01b patch of the highly popular Zombie Panic Half-Life 2 modification has been released! With almost 50,000 downl...


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The eagerly anticipated V1.01b patch of the highly popular Zombie Panic Half-Life 2 modification has been released! With almost 50,000 downloads in less than 2 weeks of the original version, this mod is definately a must-get if you haven't tried it already! Grab the patch here or you can download Zombie Panic V1.01b Full Install if you dont have it yet. Let the zombie brain bashing commence! :)

This patch is intended for both server and client updates.

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Download 'zps_patch_v1.01b.exe' (80.1MB)

-Fixed exploits and updated ZPS_Town, ZPS_Deadend, ZPS_Silence, and ZPS_Subway.
-Fixed bug that caused people to be able to join zombie team when life counter was empty late in the game.
-Increased maximum number of pistol rounds you can carry to 45.
-Fixed the bug that caused the last player in a server to skip the ready room.
-Maps should not cycle now unless the round is over.
-Increased maximum speeds for all players.
-Added several custom textures.
-Swapped Zombie counter icon and the counter's locations.
-Swapped Survivor health icon.
-Added mapcycle.txt, so dedicated servers do not default to having HL2DM maps 
 in their default map cycle.
-Added Armory maps to the hidden map list, they were mainly for testing anyway.
-Removed respawn_entities command functionality.
-Removed bug that caused dropped ammo to create a new ammo respawn point.
-Zombievision sounds play on the client only.
-Head hitboxes now work, headshots should take 2.5 damage now.
-Zombie lunge time has been lowered.
-Zombie life calculator at round start will now max out at 25 zombie lives.
-Grenade damage increased to 300 (Was 150).
-Added new song KM_Plague.mp3.
-Added new song KM_Rebirth.mp3.
-Added panic sounds.
-Updated server settings and added advanced options to multiplayer settings.
-Fixed pickup item bug where it would light up and you could not get it.
-Added death notice icons.
-Only survivors can spray paint now.
-Fixed tpose for servers not properly set up.
-Ammo weights are a bit heavier now.
-Default round limit set to 15 minutes now, ammo respawns every 8 minutes by default.
-Increased shotgun pellet damage from 12 to 13.
-Improved Remmington 870 accuracy.
-Melee damages, swing rates, and swing distances have been tweaked.
-Fixed dev server command exploits that allowed noclip and insta-survivor win.
-Those who wait for game to start to avoid being zombie now spawn with PPK and keyboard as starting weapons.
-Initial release

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