Zombie Panic: Source v1.2b Full Client

zps_fullbuild_v1.2b.exe —


The basic idea of the Zombie Panic is to create solid game play that is based on a classic zombie outbreak scenario, the living dead are coming for the last remaining humans, and these survivors must fight them off and live through the day. v1.2 of the popular Zombie Panic: Source multiplayer mod for Half-Life 2 has been released. This is the full version of the latest Zombie Panic: Source (up to now) so you don't need any previous versions in order to install this.

One of the new awesome features in Zombie Panic: Source is the Carrier Infection, which can infect humans with a 10% chance each hit the carrier makes towards a survivor. You can see when a human is infected, as he / she will turn green in your zombie vision view. You really should let them stay alive, as they will slowly turn in the undead, and can turn against the humans from close!

If you already have ZPS installed, you may wish to grab the Zombie Panic: Source v1.2b Client Patch.



- Global banning is now in effect.
- A player now catches on fire if they stand in a fire for atleast 2.5 secs.
- Slowed players down when bunny hopping or backpedaling.
- Adjusted weights on items.
- Updated weapon skins.
- Fixed weapon icons clipping and detail issues.
- Added objective mode (zpo_subway first map).
- Added 2 new models (human cop w/ its zombie version).
- Fixed various memory access and allocation bugs (improves stability).
- Added new melee weapons (pipe, spanner, and more).
- Added new maps (zps_asylum, zps_industry, and more).
- Updated previous maps (zps_deadblock, zps_silence, and more).
- Added roundtimeleft and lastinv console command.
- Adjusted ak47 rate of fire, recoil, and damage.
- Adjusted mp5 recoil and damage.
- Panic is now on a 20 sec cooldown and when used it bypass fatigue for 5 secs.
- Increased overall movement speed slightly to fit with new fatigue system.
- Carrier is now highlighted in the scoreboard.
- Fatigue system now working, fatigue indicator is in top left corner.  Should be almost as slow as a zombie when fully fatigued.
- Walk now enabled, fatigue should not take effect when you are walking.
- Enabled spectator modes.
- Carrier now have a chance of infecting survivors from an attack (10%).
- Humans should now not be able to see each other's health.
- Fixed zombies being able to see survivors' head label.
- Fixed major bug where players kept a death grip of their current weapon when they die or disconnect (made weapon disappear for an entire round).
- Players can now push objects around using alternate fire when hands are empty. (Zombies hold no weapons so can always push)
- Fixed bug where the player was facing the wrong direction to others.
- Drown sound plays when you die in the water.
- Anti-camping sound plays every 15 secs when you camp for 30 secs.
- Fixed squashed player list dialog.
- Added some miscellaneous missing files.
- Sourcemod menus should now work
- Zombie life calculator should now also count people in the lobby when calculating.

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