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Half-Life 2 Deadline Closing In!

Hello, This is a reminder about the new HL2Files.com Contest to make a Multi-Player Map for Half-Life 2.. The deadline is ending the 28th of March Remember to send the maps to thundgot@wowfiles.com! I will again say the prizes: 1st Prize: 6 Months worth of FastPass 2nd Prize: 3 Months worth of FastPass 3rd Prize: 1 Month worth of FastPass


Half-Life 2 New Contest!

A new contest is taking place now! The objective is to make a MULTI-PLAYER map for Half-Life 2..If you DARE try steal maps made before you will get in trouble...You MUST make the map by yourself...when the map is done send the information to thundgot@wowfiles.com Best Regards, Thundgot - HL2Files.com Contest Manager *EDIT* Deadline for contest i...


Half-Life 2 Contest Page up again

Welcome back Half-Life 2 Files Contest But I got bad news..There is no contest up and running right now. I will wait another week before I start a new contest, but while waiting...Have fun :D And I just have to say. The users which won on the last contest will not be able to win the next contest. To get to the contest page either check our left menu...



Here are the winners of the contest! On First Place we got: Paul with the Article Half-Life 1 Will Never Be Replaced can you please send me an E-Mail on addres thundgot@wowfiles.com with this information? Your Name: Your FileFront User Name: Your E-Mail address: On Third Place we got: WW2BOY with the Article http://halflife2.filefront.com/info...


Half-Life 2 Contest page remake!

Hello, I will now RE-DO the whole Contest page. We have forwarded the contest winners to today instead. So I will check who won then make a new News post about who won First and Third place. Best Regards, Thundgot


Half-Life 2 Sad and good news

Greetings, I got some sad news about one of our people joining the Contest. Planetphillip has lost his voting score so he will get the SECOND PRIZE in this contest now! The other 2 Articles will still fight for First and Third place. 1st Prize: 6 months Free FastPass 2nd Prize: 3 months Free FastPass WINNER: PLANETPHILLIP 3rd Prize: 1 month Fr...


Half-Life 2 HL2Files.com FIRST CONTEST

Greetings boys and girl here on HL2Files.com Its time for our first contest, and this time we got prizes :D Check on our new Contests page under Features>HLFiles Contests or check this page