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Half-Life 2 Black Mesa source - A celebration of the last decade!

The black mesa source just posted some news and media for the first time in nearly a year (about time). The nineteenth of November might not be a date that many people think is significant, but it's of special importance to us. On this day ten years ago, Half-Life was unleashed on the world. In celebration, we've got lots of new media! 2008 has been a ve...


Half-Life 2 SourceOP :: A Half-Life 2 (Entity) Server Tool

SourceOP is a server side plugin that uses Half-Life 2's plugin interface to add extras to HL2 mods such as Half-Life 2: Deathmatch or Counter-Strike: Source. These extras include things like: • Ability to control your server by kicking, slaying, banning, and much more! • Ability to add sub-admins on the server, so other people can gain limited o...


Half-Life 2 HL2Files Steam Community Group Reminder!

Hey everyone, This is a Reminder that A Half-Life 2 Files Steam Community Group has been created. And for those who don't know what exactly the Steam Community Groups exactly are, read below: The Steam Community is comprised of people who play all sorts of PC games. Now it's easy to find someone to play with, meet up with friends, connect with groups w...


Half-Life 2 CrosuS v1.33 Installer Released!


Half-Life 2 Big thanks to the Game Server Renters for the Official HL2Files Servers.

Once again, I'd like to thank the following Game server Renters for providing us some great gaming servers! For those who are interested in having a gaming server as well, It is very worth it checking the above Gameserver Renters. All of them give excellent gaming servers and a great support quality as well.


Half-Life 2 Skyrider's Steam Friends Username.

This might be completely off the topic, and I am sure it is. But I just wanted to say for those people who are wanting to add me through steam, just add "ffskyrider". Reason I am saying this is because I might not be always online on the other chat programs, or I can be playing as well, so people can't contact me through aim, msn, etc. Regards, Skyride...


Half-Life 2 Back in form

Back from my holiday and back in form! :D What did I miss? Not much, probably :p - THGhost


Half-Life 2 HL2Files Affiliate sharing with Modifications.

Hey everyone, For the mod creators that are interested in Affiliate sharing with HL2Files, it is possible. All you have to do is emailing me at Skyrider@HL2files.com with a request and hopefully we can get something worked out. And click here to see all our buttons. Regards, Skyrider


Half-Life 2 For those who have submitted a file but is not added yet on HL2Files

Last week, and or 2 weeks ago, a lot of people have submitted files to files@hl2files.com. People already emailed me wondering why it has not been added yet. It is because I was unable to because I accidentally downloaded the files through outlook, and outlook removed the files on the email. But through the weeks I was not at my own house, so I was unable...