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Half-Life 2 What do you think of ValveForums v2? :: Poll Results



Half-Life 2 Latest Poll Results :: Do you play on the official HL2Files gaming servers?



Half-Life 2 What Do You Think Of The Official Servers? :: Poll Results

Here is this week's poll result: http://screenshots.filesnetwork.com/32/others/17spollresults.jpg Also, Just wanted to say I'm rather disappointed that a lot of people never noticed the servers in the left menu. Even though a lot of you people requested the servers. Regards, Skyrider


Half-Life 2 Change the HL2DM Server(s) With A Modification? (Last Poll Results)

Below are the results of the last Poll. I know the quality of the image is rather badly low, but due being at school. I can't compress the image with a better quality. http://screenshots.filesnetwork.com/32/others/lastpoll11sep.jpg


Half-Life 2 Weekly Poll Results



Half-Life 2 Weekly Poll Results