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Half Life 2 Beta Exploration!

I take an in-depth look at Half Life 2 beta and see how it compares to the final version, as well as finding some secrets, before moving on ...

0 5 years ago
Apply to be a News / File Poster - File & News Posters needed!

Hey everyone, HL2Files still needs more staff for posting files and news. For many people, Are you a person that has a lot of free time o...

0 15 years ago
16,000,000 Downloads Served By HL2Files.com

Not long ago we reported that, [url="http://www.hl2files.com"]HL2Files.com[/url], had surpassed 15 Million downloads and today we're happy t...

0 15 years ago
Half-Life 2 Files :: User File Submission Rules

Since anyone can submit files now through the user file submission page, there are a few rules I'd like to talk to you guys about. These rul...

0 15 years ago
Massive New Team Fortress 2 Files Incoming Soon!

Just a quick heads up to let you all know that, due to popular demand, over the next couple of days, we will be adding tons & tons of [b]Tea...

0 15 years ago
15,000,000 Downloads Served! Onto Half-Life 3! :D

Just a friendly note that we, [url="http://www.hl2files.com"]HL2Files.com[/url], have now surpassed [u][b]15 MILLION[/b][/u] (!!) downloads ...

0 15 years ago
Got a clan? Mod? Fan site? And interested in some more popularity?

Just recently, I started a new page which contains Affiliate buttons which currently mostly the Right menu affiliate buttons here on Half-Li...

0 16 years ago
GameSYN :: The Gaming Community.

[img]http://screenshots.filesnetwork.com/32/others/gamesyn_banner.jpg[/img] GameSyn is all about connecting servers owners, players and m...

0 16 years ago
Shutting down

Hello, I have some bad news about HL2Files.com is shutting down... I will EDIT this News Post later and tell the reason Bad try of ...

0 16 years ago
News Updates Due To Site Downtime

Hello, As you probably noticed, we had a bit of downtime for a few days. Well, we're back. I may be posting some "few-day-old" mod news...

0 16 years ago
New Staff Member

Howdyho guys, I am Thundgot, you maybe know me from CnC-Files and WoWFiles. I am now in hl2files for helping with News and Files. You jus...

0 16 years ago
Old But New Staff Member Back!

Hello everyone, I thought I would just inform you all that after a lengthy break (due to exams and other disruptions) I'm back to post all t...

0 16 years ago
Half Life 2 Files Requires Staff!

Do you have the talent to become one of our staff members? If so, we have two job openings available at the moment, these are: [quote] ...

0 17 years ago
Half-Life 2 Files: In Need of Some News Posters!

Home Page | Forums | Half-Life 1 Files | Half-Life 2 Files | Counter-Strike Files | CS: Source Files | DoD: Source Files Hey Half-Life 2 ...

0 17 years ago
HL2Files.com Reaches 10,000,000 Downloads!

HL2Files Home Page | HL2Files Forums | Half-Life 2 Modifications Greetings Fraggers! From it's initial launch in [i]June 2003[/i] to it's...

0 17 years ago
HL2Files.com Looking For Active Staff!

Once again, HL2Files is looking for [u][b]active[/b][/u] and [u][b]dedicated[/u][/b] people to join the HL2files Team. Many people that we...

0 17 years ago