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Half-Life 2 HL2 Movie #3 Added to HL2Files.com

Kleiner's Lab has been added and is available for you to bask in. I believe the next video will be the one with Barney and demonstrates how the in-game AI will work. Should be another excellent one to watch.


Half-Life 2 HL2Files has HL2 Video #2 Up

The second video available through Steam has been added to HL2Files.com. You can download it here.


Half-Life 2 HL2 Movie #2 From Steam

The second video is supposed to be out today and I'm assuming that's what my Steam is downloading as I write this. :p Once I have it, I'll upload and add it to the site, so check back later today hopefully. :dance:


Half-Life 2 New Staff Member

Hi, I'm Nateanite, and I'm the new news poster here on HalfLife2Files, I'll do my best to provide all of you with up-to-date and accurate news.


Half-Life 2 Site News of the Technical Variety

To improve stability and speed of this site and others across Files Network, things are being transplanted over onto some better servers. Hopefully this will be over by the end of the upcoming weekend. Soon as it is, more files will be added and updates will be added regularly as they normally would...


Half-Life 2 HL2Files Poll Results 7-7-03

Out of almost 80 votes, World War II just barely edged out Black Hawk Down as the most wanted mod type for Half-Life 2. Ah the waiting is going to give me an ulcer. http://www.hl2files.com/screenshots/32/news2/5370_1.jpg


Half-Life 2 HLFiles & HL2Files Need Additional Staff

News Hound As a news hound, you will be visiting every website you know of that is or has in the past been talking about Half-Life 2. It is your job to check all of these sites every day that you can for news to post about. There are only two requirements for being a news writer. The first is...


Half-Life 2 Site Slowdown

Just wanted to let people know that we managed to time the launch of HLFiles & HL2Files at the same time the server hosting FilesNetwork sites is having some problems. :fistpunch: Because of that, the site's running a lot slower than it normally would and gives occasional errors. The servers are bei...


Half-Life 2 Vote For HL2Files!

A new button to moddb.com's HL2 Top 100 has been added to the left menu (toward the top) so show your support for HalfLife2Files.com by clicking it today. No voting forms, no recounts, no hassle. Just one click. :dance: And on the chat side of things, #hl2files - the official HL2Files IRC channel...