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All Files By Totalgamefreak
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Maps Half-Life 2 Zombies Done Quick Demo

This is a demo of me completing the map ZOMBIES, VERY fast. With it you also so get the map (And i would like to thank totalgamefreak for th...


Maps Half-Life 2 Caves Map

Yes, you guessed it. This map contains caves.


Maps Half-Life 2 Zombies V3 SP Map

Half-Life 2 Zombies V3 Map. Updated in this version: - Doors better looking and need to be opened with the Use key - Teleporter looks...


Maps Half-Life 2 Zombies Map

Updated in this version: Revised textures Added light fixtures added atmosphere (Sounds, boxes, blood ect.) Made map longer (About th...


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Maps Half-Life 2 Zombies Beta 1 Map

Half-Life 2 Zombies Beta 1 Map. Full list of maps with preview pics can be found [url="http://hl2files.com/files/Half-Life_2/Maps/;2495?s...