Congratulations to the Earth Special Forces Team!

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[url="http://halflife2.filefront.com/info/ESFv1.2"]Earth Special Forces V1.2 Mod Profile[/url] <|> [url="http://halflife2.filefront.com/info/ESFv1.3"]Earth Special Forces V1.3 Mod Profile[/url]

A big congratulations for the Half-Life 1 mod, [url="http://esforces.com/"]Earth Special Forces[/url]. This may be a Half-Life mod, and not source. But the mod itself is incredible. This mod has been in the top #3 in the "[b]Half-Life 2 Files Top 20 Downloads this Week[/b]" And staid that way for more then 4 months!, The mod even has over [u]200.000 downloads[/u] here at HL2files.com. For those who don't know, Earth Special Forces is a dragonball Z modification made for the half-life engine as stated above. It is different then mostly all other mods, thus perhaps its popularity. Not to forget Dragonball z (the manga) is very popular as well. With their current version which is Earth Special Forces v1.2.3 they made a whole way, but of course its not done yet. They are creating a new version which is v1.3. This version how ever will surpass the v1.2 versions, you will have multiple transformations, buddy system, stamina system, enhanced melee system and so much more! For those who want to check it out, check out the [url="http://halflife2.filefront.com/info/ESFv1.3"]Earth Special Forces v1.3 Mod Profile[/url] which also includes screenshots! A big thank u to the following [b]Team Members:[/b] [*] Mastasurf [i](Project Manager)[/i] [*] harSens [i](Co-Project Manager / Lead Programmer)[/i] [*] Pcjoe [i](Programmer)[/i] [*] Greg [i](Web Development / Site Administrator)[/i] [*] Zero [i](Level Design / 2d art / Textures)[/i] [*] Darktooth [i](3d Animator)[/i] [*] Freedom [i](Sound Design)[/i] [*] God Gundam [i](3d Artist)[/i] [*] DJ Ready [i](Level Design / Textures)[/i] [*] beeZ0r [i](Linux Admin)[/i] [*] Kama [i](3d textures)[/i] [*] Ian [i](Programmer)[/i] [*] Cold Steel [i](Mapper)[/i] [*] Davidskiwan [i](2d Art)[/i] [*] Navanax [i](Head Tester)[/i] [*] Pain [i](Public Relations)[/i] [*] And everyone that has been retired! (and of course all beta testers) I recommend that everyone who has not played this mod, should atleast try it out. Even if you are not a dragonball Z fan, its great to play! You could always register at the [url="http://forum.esforces.com"]Forums[/url] if you have a question or need help. And for those who are interested, some v1.3 (upcoming version) screenshots has been added below. Keep up the great work ESF Team!

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