Half-Life 2 Demake Mod Reaches Ravenholm

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Published by FileTrekker 3 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

Half-Life recently celebrated it's 20th birthday, so there's been a lot of activity in the community, from Black Mesa: Xen to this interesting mod to de-make Half-Life 2 to look and play a lot more like it's predecessor. 

Half-Life 2 Classic is pretty much the exact opposite of Black Mesa, which aims to take the older game and port it to the newer engine: this mod takes a newer game and actually downgrades it. This is less common, but demaking Is quite popular among parts of the community who enjoy older games and PC gaming hardware.

Last year they released a demo, and recently showed off some new models showing off the downgraded textures and polygons. Among some of the other challenges the team face are the coastal levels, which are simply too big for the engine to handle, so will need to be remade. 

It wasn't always just the graphics that were due for a downgrade, though, the team always had the aim of porting to GoldSrc, the original Half-Life's engine, but were undecided on weather they should. In the end, everything, including models, textures and other elements, will be totally sympathetic to Half-Life.

This brings us to the newest demo released for the game, which includes Ravenholm, and it's certainly looking pretty amazing, and interesting, in the original game's engine. Oh, and the gravity gun works, too, which is an interesting technical challenge In and of itself, we have to imagine.

So what are you waiting for? Grab the demo now from our sister site, ModDB, here!

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