Kleiner's Adventures Mod Media Update

By Azzkiker 15 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Videos to beta maps in our mod. NOTE: Don't say they're undetailed and all that. This is just beta maps and will be detailed, very much detailed on the first official release. In other news.. The mapping you have seen in video 2 has been changed and things have been added to it dramatically. Things that have been added/changed: Instead of a little stand on which you get your keycard, a door and a wall has been put in front of it with a door. A sign next to the door says "RESTRICTED. SHOW PASS TO GUARD IN BOOTH" and you walk up to him and he unlocks the door. From where the HECUs (military) ran off, added a changelevel to a subway station (maybe random but some point in EVERY hl1 mod you end up in a train). Other things not listed here will be shown in the next media video. As for the first video with siemka321's mapping, I don't know what's going on with that but hopefully something good. Thats it for now so keep watching this mod as a new Media video will be up later on.

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