Naruto: Ninja Chronicles - New staff and lots of new stuff

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All naruto fans will love this update! Even this modification is for Half-Life 1, the models, maps, sprites and everything else has been made really professional. Go check out the news below, and make sure you view the images!
Well, it's been quite a while since the last update, but we haven't stopped working for a minute. Just a few weeks ago, a new addition to our team was made. Buck, a moderator of the forum, has joined the mapping crew! In the next update, we'll post some screenshots of his new maps. On the models side, thanks to a lot of hard work by Bram, most of the non-player models have been remade. This includes the Valley of End statues (now that we know who they are, it's easier to model them) and the Sexy no Jutsu Model! It looks a lot more like a girl now. Check them out: (By the way, the clouds on the Sexy no Justu model are alpha mapped, which means it looks like this, with the clouds, ingame =) The coding part wasn't left behind either, and we're really starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! First of all, a charge bar to all the jutsus was made, so the HUD is more functional and there's better control over the jutsus. This means that all that was left for the Goukakyuu to be declared finished was the sounds, and thanks to Mobius, those were added as well! Now it's entirely finished! Unfortunately, most people are only gonna get a taste of those in the gameplay movie. Here's a pic of both: Other than that, as you might have seen on the previous POTM (which by the way, means Picture of The Moment, giving us the privilege to change it whenever we feel like it =p), Chakra charging is complete, and thanks to Tommi for his amazing chakra aura effect, it looks pretty good as well! This addition makes the gameplay experience a lot more complete, and as I said earlier, the mod is coming along well towards completion and it's actually a starting to feel like it while playing. More on coding, Kage Bunshin has come to a near complete phase. Right now, the Bunshins spawn, run towards the enemy, and inflict damage to it. What's left is to improve their AI, add some more eye candy, and set all the proper animations and sounds to play. More of this will be on the next update: We thought it would be nice to have a POTM archive to look at how the mod progresses and just to get some more screenshots on the site, so from now on there's a POTM Archive at our Gallery. Also, if you just can't wait until the next update, you can always pass the time at our Forums.

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