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Mapping Worldcraft

Mapping tool for creating maps for Half-Life and it's mods, the Quake series and many more. Creator: Valve Version: 3.3


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Mapping Zoner's Half-Life Tools

This can be used in coordination with mapster to help compile maps, or as a standalone for mappers. Creator: Zoner


Mapping Hammer

The essential Valve level editing tool. This release includes new functionality and several fixes. It also introduces a new name for the pro...


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Mapping Mapster 3

Mapster allows for multiple computers, to compile a map at the same time. Majorly cutting down on the time it takes to compile. The set up p...


Mapping Sprite View

A simple programm to view and export .spr files.


Mapping Sprite Wizard

A programm to make .spr file of .bmp files.


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