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Maps Half-Life Snow War Mappack #1

This mappack contains 13 maps for Half-Life Snow-War 2.0 mod. Most of these are from older release...


Maps Half-Life Resident Evil Mini Series Maps

There are 5 main charictors to choice from this is a survival Horror game so beaware if you die will you loss a big increase in ammuniton as...


Maps Half-Life Out Break Map Pack

This map pack contains 5 maps for the Half-Life mod Out Break. ob_downtown = a big city map....


Maps Half-Life Front_Line_Force_Eastend Map

A map for Front Line Force, have fun! ^_^


Maps Half-Life: DM Microcosm Map (v1.0)

This is a Xen imagination map. a lot of space and really light gravity. Recommended # of Players: 2-8.


Maps Half-Life: DM Tropic

It's a remake of dm_tropic_enhanced from Nyko18 (HL2DM map). It takes place in paradisiacal islands where the sea is blue and the sand yello...


Maps RDC Twitch Map

Large open map with secrets. I think there is about 9 secrets. Map is roughly 3-4 levels and includes many places to camp. There are 4 ju...


Maps DM KaPoozleSnap

designed maps coming soon.


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Maps KPS Psycho

from.Next map might be released in 2-3 months, it will be much much more detailed. It's bigger as well and is suitable for many players.


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Maps hq_firstblood

http://www.planetphillip.com/ or on official site - http://www.halfquake.com/ or (recommended) on ModDB: http://www.moddb.com/mods/halfquake...


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Maps amphitheatrum

1r_detailtexturessupported 1


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Maps dmc_amphitheatrum

1Recommended number of players: 4.


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Map Packs Sven Co-op Classic Map Pack

Map pack for the Sven Co-op mod. Includes: The Operation Retribution map series (parts 1-7) The Co-op Gut Reaction map series GruntWar...


Map Packs Sven Co-op Optional Map Pack 1

Map pack for the Sven Co-op mod. Includes (in random order): 2 Bases Fishing SE Mastamike Rescue3 Rush Hill Air Force Base Stora...


Map Packs Sven Co-op 2.0B Map Pack

Includes: Map: Haywire Author: Turrican First released map from communit...


Map Packs Sven Co-op E.T.C.

E.T.C. makes changes to levels in Sven Co-op. The levels have been changed to suit Svencoop. Whilst there are few major changes t...


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Map Packs Sven Co-op Creepsworld Map Pack

Includes (in alphabetical order): Delta Return by TheRealGame Gitfest4 by (GIT)r-man LabFlee by eMTeG Leprechaun Trilogy by Penguin N...


Map Packs SvenCo-op - Project: Guilty Mission 1

Project : Guilty for Sven Co-op mod. The project: Guilty is about the group of marines that are guilty of many warcrimes and h...


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Map Packs Firearms Map pack 1

This mappack contains the following maps: sd_durandal_r47_dusk cti_arctic cti_supersixfour_r14_dusk version obj_deadlycargo sd_oberla...


Map Packs Firearms Map pack 2

This pack contains the following maps: obj_firebase_r11 obj_firebase_r11n sd_gwar objSdTc_outpost ps_ruins ps_waterfall sd_durandal...


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Map Packs Firearms Mini Map Pack

This pack includes the following maps: ft_box issacs_box mmp_dyerandul mmp_ftforestfinal mmp_HoldTheHill mmp_jungleforts mmp_sniper...


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Map Packs PAF Firearms map pack 1

RSRS[Hitman ob...


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Map Packs Paroxysm: Alien Encounter Mappack #1

This is the first official mappack for the Paroxysm mod. You'll need WinRAR to extract it. get WinRAR from www.rarlabs.com. Unfortunately,...


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Map Packs Paroxysm FIxed Map Pack

This updated map pack contains 3 maps.