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Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
Half-Life Snow War Mappack #1 Snow War Mod Team 5.93MB 1,541
Half-Life Resident Evil Mini Series Maps halfliferyan 6.65MB 2,162
Half-Life Out Break Map Pack Outbreak Team 2.59MB 787
Half-Life Front_Line_Force_Eastend Map Benedikt 6.59MB 512
Sven Co-op Classic Map Pack Guest 19.93MB 388
Sven Co-op Optional Map Pack 1 Guest 13.96MB 359
Sven Co-op 2.0B Map Pack Guest 6.24MB 427
Sven Co-op E.T.C. Guest 3.53MB 289
Sven Co-op Creepsworld Map Pack Guest 35.91MB 557
SvenCo-op - Project: Guilty Mission 1 Guest 16.82MB 310
Firearms Map pack 1 Guest 18.97MB 1,482
Firearms Map pack 2 Guest 17.86MB 627
Firearms Mini Map Pack Guest 5.81MB 476
PAF Firearms map pack 1 Guest 50.45MB 809
Paroxysm: Alien Encounter Mappack #1 Paroxysm Mod Team 14.23MB 365
Paroxysm FIxed Map Pack Paroxysm Mod Team 15.32MB 371
Half-Life: Architecture Prefabs masson_a 4.75MB 209
Op4 Jungle Guest 372KB 244
Op4 Bot Guest 129KB 881
Op4 City Guest 1.24MB 372
Op4 Park Guest 1011KB 180
Op4 Park 2 Guest 1.9MB 278
Op4 Spindle Guest 361KB 176
Op4 Tkktoxic Guest 849KB 211
Op4 Undertow Guest 407KB 180
Op4 Worlds Spawn Guest 184KB 191
Op4 Yard Guest 157KB 256
Op4 Ctf Gunyard Guest 714KB 220
Todesangst PeppyFool 12.72MB 959
Edge of Darkness Chris Spain 7.64MB 669
Timeline III: The Heart of Darkness Ross Smith 21.01MB 1,031
Hour-Glass Grey Dog 23.54MB 1,335
DAV Sub DAV 10.4MB 526
Redemption Maverick Developments 37.84MB 1,192
E.T.C. Dave Johnston 5.35MB 753
E.T.C. II Dave Johnston 11.1MB 923
Todesangst 2 PeppyFool 74.66MB 1,044
Adam Grey Dog 6.61MB 1,260
Half-Life: Sandscroll SP Maps [Kasperg] YUGO 3.43MB 568
Half Life: Black Mesa SP Map Guest 3.42MB 713
CP_Apocalypse Akimbo Team 2.25MB 128
CP_Downtown DeathBlooms 3.23MB 92
CP_EZ T.Chris**Togi** 611KB 78
CP_Fullforce [RMS]Rommel 2.4MB 71
CP_Hochiminh Trail Three 2.57MB 70
CP_Northhue [RMS]Rommel 2.37MB 69
CP_Southhue Dynokeg 3.06MB 71
CP_Temple [RMS]Rommel 1.19MB 87
CP_VC Jungle Tunnel Doombringer 2.54MB 59
CP_Village Cpt_Swede 2.88MB 86
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