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All Files In Half-Life Models
Models Half-Life Light Saber Weapon Model

As if right out of a star wars movie, light saber models in assorted colors (red blue green and purple) to replace the boring ol' crowbar! P...


Models Half Life Razor/Shaver for Crowbar

Here's a razor model which replaces your current crowbar model in Half Life! Another CDG product. Take a look at the screenshots ;)


Models Half-Life & CS 1.6 Master Chief Model

This is a Master Chief model from Halo. It was created by GreenPeace and sebastion, and I retextured it. It can be used for Counter Strike a...


Model Packs Half-Life Master74's Model Pack

A nifty little collection of the best hl1 deathmatch skins put together by Master74.


Model Packs Sven Coop: Resident Evil Model Pack

These are 3 models for sven coop, they add resident evil style characters to the game.


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Model Packs Half-Life: Shepards HEV Suit

Are you really bored to death of Gordans orange HEV suit! Yeah me too! Thats why this mod changes the colour to GREEN! Yes completely GREEN!...


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