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All Files In This Category
Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
Half-Life: Kanon Ball Client Patch Kanonball Team 17.14MB 301
Half-Life Evolution Mod patch EVM TEAM 3.96MB 47,460
CS: 2D Halo Mod TK-1618 Major 320KB 4,491
Half-Life: Flat-Life SP Mod V1.0 RC2 ChickenFist 3.06MB 604
Preliminary Magic_Nipples 71.29MB 115
The Specialists The Specialists Team 121.89MB 4,263
TSRP Model Pack 5 Guest 7.07MB 3,144
Reanimated CounterStrike CZ Skins Guest 578KB 1,452
SC_City2 Guest 656KB 527
The Specialists v2.1 (Win32 version) The Specialists Team 137.28MB 8,644
The Specialists v2.1 update (Win32 version) The Specialists Team 43.61MB 1,133
The Specialists v2.1 (Linux dedicated server) The Specialists Team 157.35MB 326
The Specialists v2.1 Teaser video The Specialists Team 34.18MB 932
The Specialists: Full Client The Specialists Team 155.15MB 1,869
Battle Grounds Demo 1.0 - 1.1 Patch BG Team 18.13MB 52
Battle Grounds 1.2 to 1.2.1 Patch - Windows BG Team 35MB 415
Day of Defeat - Windows VALVe 173.13MB 8,371
Day of Defeat V1.0b Patch VALVe 414KB 2,107
Day of Defeat v3.1b for STEAM! SimonS 136.63MB 406
Natural Selection v3.0 Béta 2 - Client Natural-Selection Team 9.23MB 489
Natural Selection V1.0 (Windows) Natural-Selection Team 90.79MB 655
Natural Selection V1.04 Patch Natural-Selection Team 2.6MB 256
NS Dedicated Server v2.0 The NS Team 87.61MB 266
Natural Selection v2.0 Natural-Selection Team 116.28MB 3,512
Natural Selection v3.0 Beta 1 - Client Natural-Selection Team 155.08MB 1,414
Natural Selection v3.0 Beta 1 - Dedicated Server Natural-Selection Team 128.98MB 143
Natural Selection v3.0 Beta 4 - Client Natural-Selection Team 36.11MB 636
Natural Selection v3.0 Beta 4a - Client Natural-Selection Team 5.44MB 1,136
Natural Selection v3.0 Beta 5 Natural-Selection Team 152.12MB 6,091
Natural Selection v3.0 Beta 5 Dedicated Server Natural-Selection Team 139.89MB 430
Half-Life Natural Selection Mod V3.0 Final Natural-Selection Team 139.83MB 6,169
Natural Selection: v3.0 to v3.1 Patch Natural Selection Team 17.76MB 5,292
Natural Selection: v3.1 Dedicated Server Natural Selection Team 164.84MB 262
Natural Selection: v3.1 Full Client Natural-Selection Team 143.3MB 76,996
Natural Selection: v3.2 Full Client Installed Natural Selection Team 151.43MB 1,430
Natural Selection v3.2 Guest 175.12MB 190
Natural Selection: v3.2 Beta1 Client Hotfix Natural Selection Team 1.14MB 250
Natural Selection: v3.2 Beta1 Server Hotfix Natural Selection Team 930KB 71
Natural Selection: NS Geeksiege Map Luke Schaefer 1.01MB 63
Natural Selection: v3.2 Open Beta 2 Server File Natural Selection Team 175.72MB 94
Natural Selection: v3.2 Open Beta 2 Full Client Natural Selection Team 151.89MB 468
Natural Selection: v3.2 Full Release Client Natural Selection Team 149.03MB 2,046
Natural Selection: v3.2 Server Files Natural Selection Team 172.23MB 183
Half-Life: The Conspiracy In The Shadows 2 Mod TCIS 108.17MB 1,603
Firearms 2.7 Full Install Guest 125.77MB 4,634
Firearms Update (Linux) Firearms Team 73.17MB 300
Firearms (Update) Firearms Team 73.47MB 3,476
Firearms Full Firearms Team 139.52MB 18,022
Firearms Full (Linux) Firearms Team 139.2MB 684
Firearms Mod V2.9 Full Windows Install Firearms Team 174.64MB 42,840