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Opposing Force Op4 Jungle

A jungle setting with plenty of ledges and towers for your sniping pleasure. Also an assortment of all the HL and OP4 weapons(oops


Opposing Force Op4 Bot

Bot map for Opposing Force


Opposing Force Op4 City

You start off with the crowbar (much debating over that), and there are a few batteries/healthkits dotted around, as well as an alter...


Opposing Force Op4 Park

Park map for Opposing Force.


Opposing Force Op4 Park 2

This map was my recreation of one of my favorite maps: op4_park. I thought it would be quite a challenge t...


Opposing Force Op4 Spindle

This map is an experiment. The more I play halflife, and experience the barrage of cutom maps, the more i see what makes halfli...


Opposing Force Op4 Tkktoxic

Based on a toxic waste processing area, this map is anything but small. All weapons are here with the exception of the hornet gun....


Opposing Force Op4 Undertow

Undertow map for Opposing Force.


Opposing Force Op4 Worlds Spawn

* Description * About 2 weeks ago I askes Fisich at the Lambda Map Complex to create a poll with the question if you prefered H...


Opposing Force Op4 Yard

Yard map for Opposing Force.


Opposing Force Op4 Ctf Gunyard

Gun Yard Since Black Mesa Research Facility was built upon a retired nuclear missile center, there are many long abandoned stor...


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