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Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
Sven Co-op V3.0 FGD File Sven Co-Op Team 18KB 973
Sven Co-op V2.1 - V3.0 Patch Sven Co-Op Team 90.9MB 7,265
Svencoop: Resident Evil: The Awakening Mission MrFranswa 18.04MB 73,671
Svencoop: Ballad of Sven Music Guest 1.56MB 169
Svencoop: Sven the Viking Music Guest 844KB 84
Svencoop: Summertime Music Guest 7.07MB 92
Svencoop: Afrika Korps Bonus Map Sven Co-Op Team 1.1MB 1,848
Svencoop: Cyborg Original Music Guest 3.02MB 112
Svencoop: Rusky Lobby Music Guest 2.46MB 83
Svencoop: co-opman Music Guest 1.9MB 134
Svencoop: Sila Lumenn Music Guest 5.2MB 75
Svencoop: Earthquake Test Center Map Guest 3.53MB 787
Svencoop: Optional Mission Mappack Guest 13.96MB 888
Sven Co-op V3.0 HLSP Update Sven Co-Op Team 923KB 2,024
Svencoop: RE - Covert Operations Mission Sven Co-Op Team 56.96MB 3,120
Svencoop: Case Closed Scenario Hezus 9.35MB 1,806
Svencoop: Classic Map Pack Sven Co-Op Team 31.83MB 2,754
Half-Life: Sven Co-Op Crate Attack Trailer Sven Co-Op Team 6.1MB 6,709
Svencoop: The Big One Map Pack amckern 434.16MB 1,649
Svencoop: The Big One Map Pack amckern 307.27MB 1,200
SvenCoop: v3.5 Warehouse Trailer Sven Co-Op Team 26.78MB 7,201
SvenCoop: v3.5 Warehouse Trailer Sven Co-Op Team 61.22MB 1,778
SvenCoop: v3.5 Cyborg Blevo Animation Video Sven Co-Op Team 11.52MB 813
Sven Co-op v2.0 Release Sven Co-Op Team 61.64MB 4,433
Sven Co-op V3.0 FULL Install Sven Co-Op Team 127.61MB 357,453
Svencoop: Content Pack Sven Co-Op Team 25.45MB 1,941
Sven Co-op: Full Installation 4.0B Sven Co-Op Team 408.74MB 20,503
Svencoop: Case Closed Scenario Patch Hezus 681KB 292
Svencoop: The Challenge Map Kampy 1.71MB 548
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