BrainBread v1.2 Full Install



30th of January is a day to remember: the day of change. It was in the early morning when the chaos started: roaming hordes of bloodthirsty men ran through the city, killing everybody at sight. There were rumours about an army experiment and problems with the nuclear reactor. By 12 a.m., half of the city's population was part of the cannibal horde, about a thousand were killed in car accidents and by gunshots from personal firearms. U.S. Army forces moved into the city to rescue as many as possible. They soon had to realize that the only way to stop the cannibal hordes was to shoot them. Tanks entered the city and killed hundreds. At the same time Black Hawk squads search for survivors. Survivors like you...

BrainBread v1.2 Changelog:

- .44 colt is now a slot 2 weapon - Included gastank - Included winchester - If an empty weapon is dropped it's automatically removed - Skill increases crosshair calm speed - Implemented last man standind mode - Fixed rounding error on remaining zombiekills - Probably fixed bug where a gun fires the wrong bullet type - Fixed ammo boxes not showing - Fixed escape zone exploit - Other bugfixes - Increased difficulty by 10% - Updated the official maps - Added official Science-Fiction campaign - Added custom user campaign

Last man standing: Activated when playing on a map that starts with "lms_": - Once a zombie you cant respawn as a human - Last human standing wins - Mission completion means humans win - After 15% of the round time has passed joining players won't be able to join the human team anymore - Everything else remains the same

Gastank: - Can't be shot while in the box - After throwing it can be shot or damaged in order to make it explode - It can be picked up anytime (also after being thrown) if the player doesn't yet have one and has a skill of 10 or more.


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