CS: 2D Halo Mod

This is a halo based mod for counter-strike 2D.


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This is a halo based mod for counter-strike 2D.

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Download 'cs2d_halomod_v1.zip' (320KB)

Hello every1 !

This is my Halo Mod for Counter-Strike 2D (Created for private usage)

First you should backup your CS 2D Folder (Use on your own risk). 
Then replace the old folder with my new one.
Now simply start the game and have fun !

- Terrorists now are Covenants (Grunt, Elite, Jackal and Hunter)
- CTs now are Marines (Sarge, Marine, Helljumper and Marine2)
- New weapons (Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Pistol, SMG, Shotgun, Plasma Sword, Plasma Rifle and Needler)
- Some new sounds (Menu)
- New Backgrounds (Menu)
- Some new Botnames
- I'm afraid the plasma fire is looking like the normal fire, too.

Maybe coming in the future (as version 2)

- New names (Don't know how to edit text files yet)
- New weaponsounds (Haven't found any halo weaponsounds yet. If you know some files, plz mail me)

Contact :

bl4ster AT gmx DOT de (bl4ster@gmx.de)

TK-1618 Major

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