Description: This is the continuation of DAV Train. After getting in the Osprey you think tha...


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Description: This is the continuation of DAV Train. After getting in the Osprey you think that you are safe and going home but you don't realize that you are being follow by a Apache. Eventually he damages your Osprey and you crash finding yourself on the run again...

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Download 'davsub.zip' (10.4MB)

Title                   : DAV Sub
Maps                    : 20
Filename                : davsub
Author                  : DAV
DAV Levels Page         : http://www.planetquake.com/davlevels/
Email Address           : davle[email protected]

Opposing Force          : Some models used are from the "Opposing Force"
                          commercial expansion. The "Opposing Forces" expansion 
                          is not needed to play DAV Sub.
Prefabs used            : Executive Chair by Razor ([email protected]),
                          Bathroom prefabs by CommanderJones
                          ([email protected]),
                          Television by Zog ([email protected]),
                          Tables Office and Radiator by Revolver
                          ([email protected]),
                          Copier by Gadzooks's,
                          Blazer Jeep by Barney99 ([email protected]),
                          Army Trucks and Bradley by Barry A. Bollinger 
                          ([email protected]),
                          GEV by LtMauler ([email protected])
                          Ferrari F40 by Dead Man Walking ([email protected]),
                          Street Light by Robert ([email protected]),
                          Business Jet 2 by Kevin Quang ([email protected]),
                          Road by Yak_Fighter ([email protected]) and
                          Worldcraft 2.1 prefabs
Installation            : Create a directory in your Half-Life game
                          directory (ex: Half-Life\davsub). Extract the
                          Zip to that directory and run Half-Life. Choose
                          the 'custom game' option in the main menu and 
                          choose 'DAV Sub'. Click activate and it's 
                          ready to play.
Review sites            : I will ask this again, if you review this pak please
                          send me a email for me to read the review.
Comments                : Don't forget to send me your comment about the level.
                          If you notice that the maps are too dark don't forget  
                          to set the gamma correction of your Half-Life.
                          A 3D card is recommended.

* Play Information *

Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative             : No
Deathmatch              : No
Difficulty Settings     : Yes
New Sounds              : Yes
New Graphics            : No
New Monsters            : No
New Demos               : No
New Models              : Yes

* Construction *

Base                    : New map from scratch
Editor(s) used          : Worldcraft 2.1
Other(s) used           : None
Known Bugs              : Sometimes the ambient sound effect doesn't activate.
                          This doesn't affect game play but the ambient of the
                          map is a little bit lost. 
                          In hlsub2 the map sometimes gives a overflow error.
                          To bypass the problem load a previous AutoSave game
                          position and avoid looking to the right when you exit
                          the building in the place where the bug appear.
                          In hlsub5 sometimes the door near the Bradley is
                          closed by a grunt. When this happens load the game
                          from a previous save and try again since the door    
                          can't be closed.
                          Sometimes the doors don't open because of a dead 
                          monster near them. To solve this explode the monster.
Construction Time       : ???? (too many)
Compile Time            : 44-48 Hrs (Total)
Compile Machine         : Pentium III 733 128 Megs
Legal Info              : You may use the level as you want but you must not
                          reverse compile this bsp or otherwise use the original
                          .map or .bsp as a base to build additional levels for
                          any purpose, commercial or otherwise.
                          This archive may be distributed over the Internet
                          only, providing this text file is present and
                          You may not distribute this pak commercially in any
                          way without my express permission.
                          Some credit would be nice.

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