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WHAT'S NEW - Dead bodies now slowly fade away - Another song from lanethan added, and 2 songs updated - Sounds added/updated for various...


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WHAT'S NEW - Dead bodies now slowly fade away - Another song from lanethan added, and 2 songs updated - Sounds added/updated for various attacks - New sprites and beams for all attacks - Teleport - Final Flash attack - Masenko attack - Deathball attack - team spawn points, teammode and a changeteam button are now working - different skins for the evil and good team, for some player models - new Vegeta model - new Goku model - Trunks model - Cell model - Desert Arena map - New Kameslook map - New explosion gfx - New hudsprite gfx - New Shell - New color select sprites

CHANGES - Changed the playlist file, so you no longer have to add the number of songs - The esf_lagoon and esf_nameksend maps are updated - Disabled model changing console hack in teamplay - Speeded powerup up - Secondary lets your controlled attack explode - Making your attack explode in a powerstruggle gives the opponent's attack triple speed - The attacks are faster now - Charging attacks takes less time now - Moved the sensubean to slot 9 - Attacks have a different explosion radius now

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Download 'esf20.exe' (39.64MB)

- The playlist for the mp3 player now allows spaces in filenames
- The eat animation for beans now doesn't kick in if the player has no beans
- The aura follows the player fluently now
- You can't move in a powerup/control/block by using strafe+mouse now
- The 3rd person camera now looks better on map edges
- Piccolo's special beam cannon sound plays again
- added animations for jumping and swimming with the disc
- Beams now always stop following other entities at exploding of the attack they should follow
- Piccolo's now doesn't eyelaser stay when you hold both left and right mouse and then
  release leftmouse
- Messages stop blocking the hud now
- The powerstrugglebar is now also accurate when not holding primary attack
- The rotating ball of the special beam cannon now gives you credit for a kill
- The rotating ball of the special beam cannon now explodes if the main ball explodes
- Eating a sensubean in turbo now doesn't decrease your powerlevel
- random now doesn't stay on after selecting another class with random model
- fixed the credits so they fit on the screen in 400x300 mode
- recharging immidiatly after a fingerlasershoot now doesn't make Frieza hop
- The lagoon map no doesn't drop sensubeanbags outside the map

- The fall after legsweep timing is wrong
- 3rd person view can still be blocked by objects
- The server crashes quite often
- The bad team images don't show up in the evil team, 
  if you first change team to evil and then change class
- Some animations are missing
- The hudsprites are not all done

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