Earth's Special Forces: Open Beta Patch

esf_openbeta_2_04_07_patch.zip —


For all Earth's Special Forces fans, and of course the new ones as well. Two weeks has been up! Meaning, another new patch has been released. This is a Patch, meaning. You are Required to have a previous version of the Open Beta already installed on your pc. All you need to do is extracting this to your Open Beta Folder. (Or to your Half-Life folder if the Open Beta folder already is created in the ZIP File). Interested in the new change log? Then read below:

Fixed bugs

- Fixed "Telekinesis keeps on rising object when secondary fire is held" bug - Fixed "Solar Flare makes you invincible" bug - Fixed "Solar flare lets you change characters without dying." bug - Fixed "Holding down mouse button 1 and 2 during beam struggles = crash" bug - Fixed "Switching to Recoome = Crash" bug - Fixed "Ascend while using recoome as buddy crash" bug

New features

- Recoome - Cycling through buddies using ascend/descend

Animation changes

Ginyu - run - idle - walk - Added all dash animations - Added all turbo charge animations

Gohan - run - turbo_run - blow_kick_front - run_back - ref_kamehameha_control - Changed SSJ Gohan's idle to his 'traditional stance' - Fixed SSJ Gohan's face

Vegeta - run - ref_charge_finalflash - new idle - new walk - new ref_charge_genericbeam


- Scaled Dash model down


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