Earth's Special Forces: Open Beta Patch

For all those Earth's Special Forces fans! Here is the patch (I bet) most of you were waiting for. Just a quick note for everyone. You are [...


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For all those Earth's Special Forces fans! Here is the patch (I bet) most of you were waiting for. Just a quick note for everyone. You are required to have the Full Open Beta already installed, because all you have to do is "extract" this in your half-life folder, and to overwrite all the files. So, for all the curious people, go quickly check out the "What's New In This lovely Patch" Below!

What's New? Maps Added: - esf_timechamber - esf_OWtourn - esf_newguru - esf_lookout - esf_janemba - esf_encounter - esf_cave - esf_budokai

Maps Edited: - esf_kamehouse


- Switch into buddy (default button: p) - Various bugfixes on blockstruggle - Bodychange fx (attack not working yet) - Charged turbo (swoop) now stops when player lets go of directional key; dash still works the same way o Note: Changes still in discussion for dash. To stop dash or swoop prematurely, the block or powerup key can be pressed. Block + Fly allows 'gliding' - temporary solution.

- Fixed "Swoop trail stuck when pausing dash" bug - Fixed "After selecting a custom model, impossible to select original model again" bug - Fixed "Dash Model not rotating" bug - Fixed "Aura always emits white light" bug - Fixed "You can disc people during their respawn protecion time" bug - Fixed "Able to basic melee beam struggled players and players charging spirit bomb" bug - Removed old transformation FX system in preparation for new FX script system - "powerlevel" cheat can only be used when sv_cheats is active now - cvars to tweak the stats of all classes


Goku - 100% - SSJ Goku - 100% - SSJ2 Goku - 100% - SSJ3 Goku - 100%

Gohan - 100% - SSJ Gohan - 100% - SSJ2 Gohan - 100%

Vegeta - 100% - SSJ Vegeta - 100%

-Krillin- Scatter Beam : FX added to charge animation

-Trunks- Finishing Buster : FX added to end of animation


- Updated dash effect (new model) - Character select now has additional information about characters and attacks (still not complete though, place holder data still present) - Zero's dbz track added as the steam gamestartup sound

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