Earth's Special Forces v1.2 beta (Windows full client)

Earth's Special Forces is based on the hitseries Dragonball Z/GT and whatever incarnations you have. In this mod, you can praticly do every...


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Earth's Special Forces is based on the hitseries Dragonball Z/GT and whatever incarnations you have. In this mod, you can praticly do everything you see on the show. Flying, charching and releasing great balls of fire, you name it ... it's in it. A must have for the real fans and even if you're not a (die-hard) fan, the gameplay might appeal to you.

This file contains the full Windows portion.

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Download 'esfb12full.exe' (213.76MB)


Added features
o Gamemodes
o Option for character limits (so, say only 2 gokus, vegeta’s, etc)
o Allow spectators cvar
o Cease fire cvar
o Advanced movement
o Walljumps

o Generic balls
o Frieza’s telekinesis

Improved features
o Advanced melee
o SDK2.3 Spectator
o Blockstruggles
o Crushing damage
o Beams attached to hands during blockstruggle

o Keep the sb, when hit beam explosions 
o Clicking the auto-assign button should let you join the team with the least players, or if the # of players is equal, the team with the lowest score
o Add an extra model dir for piccolo, so mod-modders can change the model
o Voicecom support
o Removed beamjumping on players
o Powerstruggles will be detonated if they don’t move for 5 secs 
o Cvar to disable the mp3player
o Automaticly set boundingboxes for envmodels, if they are not provided within the model itself
o Powerlevel shouldn’t catchup when you kill yourself
o Buu’s chocolate gives you 50,000 pl + 40 hp, instead of full ki
o Add classname in scoreboard
o Short period of invulnerability during spawn

o Added trail to scatterbeam 
o Trail length for flares varying with amount of charge
o Half-models for being killed with the sword/discs
o Shuffle button + current song name and time on mp3player
o Env model animation
o Teleport after-images
o Explosion fx
o New maps
o New Piccolo model
o New sounds
o Optional Japanese soundpack

Fixed bugs 
o Buu now has the right scouter sprite
o The weapon select sprites for Trunks sword are working now
o The finishing buster has a blue explosion now
o Fixed the kametorpedoes fov
o You can't get an extra frag by killing someone who's about to be candified now
o Fixed the names above the picture on the class select menu in realistic team mode
o Players in a ps/bs now can't be pushed away/fall down due to other explosions
o Beta1.2 has a fully recoded sdk2.3 spectator, hopefully removing all od spectator bugs
o The thrown deathball is now the same size as the charged one
o If you select generic beam while ascending and descend before the ascending is done, the generic beam will have now have the correct color
o Fixed persistant discs and beams on map edges
o Improved beam shooting from the ground/map edges
o Decreased view screwups on map edges
o Beam swatting now works correctly on beams
o Fixed the fully charged disc crash bug
o Fixed several crashing bugs with Gohan’s shield

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