Earth Special Forces Reversed v1.1 Package



Reversed-ESF is mainly a new opportunity for all the "old school" Earth Special Forces beta 1.1 players to re-live the fast paced action that was once so golden among others, not only is it available for the old players but to anyone willing to download and run the game.

While the bigger part of esf's community went playing 1.2 at it's release saying "it's amazing!" the fanbase of 1.1 slowly died and was totally forgotten, Reversed-ESF is the counter-attack on this and they hope for beta 1.1 to turn out to be the most popular version once more.

With major support from different people all over they proudly present to you another choice between fun fast paced action and aching fingers. Now they aren´t only trying to revive the golden times of 1.1, they also try to convince the ESF dev team to finaly get away from limiting the melee in any way. Don´t get them wrong here, they do have major respect for the ESF team, they are dedicated and created an awesome mod, just they are going into the wrong direction when it comes down to melee for them.

That's about as much as there is to R-ESF, now we suggest you to go download the mod and above all, have fun.


ESF dev team for the beta. "Me" (a.k.a Rick) for the bots (v 3.1) CS-LAND for the steampatch (v 2.0)



This package includes Earth's special forces beta 1.1 aswell as esfbot 3.1 and a steam patch for 1.1 making it
playable on steam.


1. Start the 1.1 installer we provided in the package, direct the installer to steam\steamapps\youraccount\half-life\esf then click unzip.
2. install the steam patch into steam\steamapps\youraccount\half-life\esf
3. Just incase, we've included an fmod.dll file in this package to make sure the mod will run without a prob for you, put the fmod.dll in your steam\steamapps\youraccount\half-life\ directory.
4.(optional) Install the bots to your steam\steamapps\youraccount\half-life\esf
then check Start>program> ESFbot for the activation tool, simply click "turn esf bots on or off" for activation/deactivation.

*If you encounter any problems during/after the install you can contact us in our forum, we'll try our best to help you out.

ESF dev team for the beta.
"Me" for the bots (v 3.1) 
CS-LAND for the steampatch (v 2.0)

[email protected] - Styx
[email protected] - CyroTek


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