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When I first played Firearms, I seriously got my ass kicked. The mod itself is extremely realistic and well done, for one example, being the...


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When I first played Firearms, I seriously got my ass kicked. The mod itself is extremely realistic and well done, for one example, being the n00b I am, I fell from a ladder and I broke my leg. This caused me to move very, slow, then, somebody cruel enough to shoot a wounded soldier shot me in the arm! When I tried to retaliate, my aim was all over the place. The arsenal in firearms is huge, not to mention the ability to choose firing modes and how some gun features are unlocked through different skills, ie: m203 via the artillery skill. They even give you the feature to completely customise your equipment layout. Maps are nothing short like the features of firearms, they are well laid out and are chalk full of detail. For anyone willing to download a worthy, and challenging mod with many sweet features, Id say download it, or die....

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Download 'firearms27_full.exe' (125.77MB)

Firearms Half-Life
Release Candidate 2.7 -- readme.txt


- Added 45 second delay before CTI object is returned to its original location if dropped.
- Added basic HLTV functionality.
- Added battlefield agility causing all stamina burns to be decreased by one third.
- Added dynamic lighting to sparks.
- Added dynamic lighting to the claymore explosion.
- Added friend/enemy display in team ID bar.
- Added full use of bipods for the M82, M60 and M249.
- Added key value to func_friction to choose to affect all entities or just players.
- Added key value to info_firearms_detect, choose whether or not a player's breath is visible (cold weather or warm weather).
- Added key value to trigger_gravity to choose to affect all entities or just players.
- Added M249 light machinegun in place of PKM. PKM will return in a future version of Firearms.
- Added map fogging (OpenGL only).
- Added 'Most Cowardly' award to end game screen.
- Added moving mouths when voice communication is in use.
- Added muzzleflash sprite to the mortar.
- Added randomness to shell ejection velocities
- Added reinforcement bonuses for capturing a push point.
- Added reinforcement bonuses for continued possession of a push point.
- Added server name to the scoreboard.
- Added speech icons above players' heads (displayed when radio is being used).
- Added use of TFC-like status bar for screen tips and player ID
- Added voice icon above players' heads (displayed when voice comm. is being used).
- Added word filter system ability (for players that are offended by racial slurs, swearing, etc).
- Fixed best player calculation to be more accurate.
- Fixed black screen of death (map change lag).
- Fixed mortar damage going through walls.
- Fixed 'no helmet' exploit.
- Fixed prone flying exploit.
- Fixed "Sprite: No Such Frame..." error.
- Fixed 'sticky corpses'.
- Fixed team change retaining the same armour.
- Fixed various other minor bugs. Too numerous to list.
- Fixed various weapon balance issues. Too numerous to list.
- Fixed vote_llama server crash bug.
- Players with stealth skill don't trigger sounds when capturing areas or placing claymore mines.
- Reverted the HULLs and views back to default (to prevent 'helmet cam' exploits).
- Status icons for broken legs and parachutes are now colour coded.

New maps:

Updated maps:


"cl_censor" allows you to filter out certain words from the game. If set to 0, no censorship occurs. At 1, racist remarks are censored. At 2, swearing is censored. At 3, both racism and swearing are censored.
default: 0

When "cl_dlights" is set to 0, all non-map dynamic lights are disabled (muzzleflashes, explosions, etc), giving an increase in performance on some systems.
default: 1

When "cl_fog" is set to 1, map specific fog effects are enabled. This may decrease performance, but will hide ugly occurrences when there is geometry outside of the specified draw distance. OpenGL mode only. Requires a map change or a restart of the game for changes to come into effect.
default: 1

Setting this to 0 will disable the icon above players who are using voice communication (friendly players only).
default: 1

"mp_ffremoverein" (server only)
If set to 1, this command will remove one reinforcement for a team kill. At 0, there will be no penalty for the team.
default: 0

"mp_loglevel" (server only)
The amount of data which is stored in server logs. 0 will log basic events such as connects and disconnects, 1 will log connects, disconnects, objectives, triggers, and kills. 2 will log everything, resulting in enormous log files.
default: 1

"text_ignore", followed by a WONID, will block any text from certain players. To see a list of players and their WONIDs, use the "status" command.

"text_unignore, followed by a WONID, will cancel previous ignores for the matching player.



- AK-47 accuracy decreased.
- AK-47 accuracy improvement time fixed.
- AK-47 damage decreased.
- AK-47 recoil increased.
- AK-47 value increased by one credit.
- Benelli M3 accuracy increased.
- Claymore mine damage changed to be more realistic. The majority of the damage is now done in front of the mine.
- Claymore mines are no longer usable in mid-air.
- FA-MAS value increased by one credit.
- G3A3 recoil increased.
- Grenade launcher range increased.
- Grenade launcher range has a slight randomness now.
- Grenade launcher projectiles now deactivate after coming into contact with a sky brush.
- Grenade launcher projectiles now use a more network efficient particle effect for their smoke trails.
- M16 fire mode no longer resets after holstering.
- M16 accuracy problems fixed.
- M60 recoil increased.
- M82 accuracy decreased.
- M82 firing disabled while the player is moving or in the air.
- M82 rate of fire decreased.
- M82 recoil increased.
- M82 value increased by one credit.
- MP5 accuracy problems fixed.
- Steilhandgrenate fuses no longer pause while sprinting.
- Sterling accuracy decreased.
- Sterling no longer unnecessarily reloads.
- 9mm penetration values decreased.
- Added a new entity - trigger_zone - Used for mappers placing areas where mortars, claymores, and medevacs can be offlimits.
- Added a new entity - env_spriteshooter - Similar to the env_shooter entity.
- Added a new keyvalue to the fa_team_item entity, to let mappers specify weapon restrictions applied to the player carrying the object.
- Added a debug command for use in situations where you are stuck after getting up from prone. Bind to a key via the controls menu.
- Added alternative (shorter) reload animations to the M16 for use with the Nomenclature skill (new model included).
- Added command menu functionality. Bind to a key via the controls menu.
- Added double magazines to the AK-47 for use with the Nomenclature skill (new model included).
- Added dynamic lighting effects to all explosions.
- Added dynamic lighting to muzzleflash effects. This does not effect suppressed weapons.
- Added medevac helicopter effects.
- Added particle based spark effects for metal and concrete bullet impacts.
- Added reinforcement information to the scoreboard.
- Added snow footstep sounds.
- Bullet impacts no longer effect a player's movement. Removed for many reasons.
- Changed M60/PKM/Claymore tracers to the client side.
- Disabled firing while crawling in prone.
- Disabled the use of the knife while prone. The only possible fix for the 'flying knife' bug.
- Enhanced the end of game screen with 'Best Player' (from both teams), 'Most Kills' and 'Most Deaths' information.
- Fixed all known problems with changing teams.
- Fixed all known prone bbox, hull, and hitbox issues.
- Fixed all weapons appearing to shoot higher than they do.
- Fixed bbox abnormalities with dead and wounded players.
- Fixed crouch bbox and hitbox abnormalities.
- Fixed Fatigue sound playing underwater.
- Fixed helmet removal effects for players who have no helmet.
- Fixed prone players blocking other player's paths.
- Fixed prone players not triggering certain entities.
- Fixed prone players staying prone while swimming.
- Fixed Search and Destroy object explosions occurring in the wrong place.
- Fixed the idle animations on the ammobox.
- Fixed use key movement exploit.
- Fixed various player model animation abnormalities.
- Fixed view height of prone, crouched and standing players to avoid the 'helmet cam' exploit.
- Reduced the amount of 'bad' network traffic by 90% after a map change and when players start to join.
- Removed friendly fire damage from ammobox explosions on servers with friendly fire disabled.

Updated maps:


When "cl_hudcolour" is set to 0, the player's hud will display using the default colors. Changing this value from 0-7 will change the hud to a variety of different colors.
default: 0

When set to 1, high quality particle effects are used. Set to 2 for reduced effects, and 0 for no effects (0 recommended for software rendering mode).
default: 1

When set to 1, this cvar will enable Immersion Touchsense support, as long as Touchsense enabled hardware is detected.
default: 1

This cvar changes which skin is used on the player's model. See the multiplayer/customize/advanced menu for detailed descriptions.
default: 0



- Fixed countless bugs and exploits from previous versions.
- Removed weapons: Steyr AUG, H&K MC51, Akimbo M11s, PSG-1, M4, and Flashbang Grenade.
- Added weapons: Sig SSG3000, PKM, UZI, Dragunov SVD, AK-74 with GP-25, and Concussion Grenade.
- Added particle systems (cl_particles 0/1/2 | off/normal/limited). - SHOULD BE DISABLED FOR SOFTWARE MODE.
- New weapon selection menu.
- Added ability to edit all preconfigured classes.
- All new player and weapon models, skins, animations and sounds.
- Added player customization (bind key via controls menu).
- Added realistic weapon recoil.
- Added Immersion iFeel force-feedback support.
- Many tweaks to client-side weapon code.
- Added menu selection for changing teams.
- Added menu for llama vote-kick (bind key via controls menu).
- Added ability to attach silencers to UZI, MP5 and Beretta 92f with Stealth Skill.
- Added ability to use grenade launcher attachments on AK-74 and M16 with Artillery Skill.
- Added ability to use scope on Anaconda with Marksmanship Skill.
- Modified gun damage values, armour values, bullet penetration values and weapon costs.
- Added ability to sprint (bind key via controls menu).
- Added slow down when using scope.
- Removed ability to fire machinegun while in air or running.
- Added ability to change hud colour (cl_hudcolour 0 - 7).
- Added maps: obj_bocage, obj_paradise, obj_willow, ps_deadline, ps_upham, sdtc_balcome, tc_rubble.
- Updated maps: ps_coldwar, ps_crash, ps_greatoutdoors, ps_inlands, ps_marie, ps_river, ps_swamp, sd_durandal, tc_iwojima.
- Modified logging to meet Half-Life logging standards.
- Updated hud graphics.
- Added individual scopes for each weapon.
- Added individual reticules for each weapon.
- Added Valve Voice-Communication technology support.
- Added basic HLTV spectator technology.
- Added realistic and logical magazine changes (ie: extra round stays in chamber, magazine with most rounds chosen).
- Added ability to merge partially used magazines (bind key via controls menu).
- Added helmet knock-off for headshots.
- Countless other small additions and tweaks.


Firearms is a modification for Valve's award winning Half-Life.  Firearms is a multiplayer modification that introduces realistic weaponry and new exciting scenarios to the half-life engine.  The purpose of Firearms is to bring an entertaining multiplayer experience by combining real world weapons and scenarios to the Half-Life engine.

Firearms emphasizes team cooperation with unique scenarios such as Push and Capture the Intelligence.  It is also fully customizable, allowing players to contribute to their team in many different ways such as providing cover fire or taking the role of a sniper.  With Firearms, players can immerse themselves in modern warfare with realistic weapons, accessories, and environments.  

Included maps feature scenarios such as the territorial push, and the unique Capture the Intelligence (or CTI).  With Capture the Intelligence, mapmakers have the freedom to make their own scenarios rather than be restricted to simple capture the flag or team deathmatch.

A plethora of modern day weaponry is also included.  An assortment of pistols, shotguns, sub-machineguns, rifles, grenades, explosives, and accessories are at your disposal.  These weapons can be accessed through a unique credits system which gives players who have just entered the game, as good a chance as one who has been playing for an hour.

Now, with the addition of the innovative skill and ranking system, a feeling of accomplishment is added as you battle with your team.  The ability to earn valuable traits such as field medicine and leadership adds more to the firearms experience.

We believe that Firearms provides a unique experience for all players, and we sincerely hope that you will enjoy this exciting modification as you are immersed in the world of modern warfare.


1.  Start Half-Life by clicking on Half-Life shortcut.
2.  Access the Custom Game menu, and activate Firearms.
3.  Configure your controls by selecting configuration, then controls.
4.  Customize your online persona by selecting multiplayer, then customize.
5.  Join a game by selecting multiplayer, then internet games.

Basic Gameplay

Before you begin experiencing the excitement of online warfare, make sure you've configured your controls and customized your online persona.  Make sure you assigned slots 6-9 in your controls configuration, or some menus may not function properly.  Most people don't think to highly of someone named 'Freshmeat', so make sure to make a good first impression.  Now go ahead and join a server.  If you need assistance with Gamespy ( or Half-Life's built in internet browser, consult their documentation.

Once you connect you will be suspended in mid air with a team selection menu before you.  Choose either the Red or Blue Force or let the computer choose for you.  Then either select the option to configure your weapons, or choose a predefined class.  If you choose to configure your arsenal by yourself, you will have to choose armor, an optional item, and weapons.  As you're building up your arsenal, watch your credits, the more you use up, the more weighted you will become.

Once you've finished your selections you'll be dropped into the battlefield.  The gameplay modes currently supported are Teamplay (maps preceeded with tp_), Capture the Intelligence (maps preceeded with cti_), Territorial Control (maps preceeded with tc_), Objective Based (maps preceeded with obj_), Search and Destroy (maps preceeded with sd_) and Push (maps preceeded with ps_). Firearms 2.6 provides several maps taking advantage of the Territorial Control, Objective Based, Search and Destroy and the Push gameplay modes, but certain servers include custom made maps, so the ability to play the remaining two types.

From here on your best bet is to experiment.  Try out all the weapons, find out what works for you and what doesn't.  Only by understanding the weapons can you master Firearms.  Good luck, and we hope that you enjoy this modification for Half-Life!

New Controls

Choose team (default: i) - If you feel the game is shifting too far to the advantage of your team, then you can press this key to display a menu allowing you to change your team.

Customize appearance (default: o) - Pressing this key will display a menu allowing you to alter your appearance to suit your personal tastes. The changes are just visual.

Sprint (default: x) - For an extra burst of speed, you can use this button. Your stamina will deplete quickly though, so sprint wisely. Also remember that while sprinting, you cannot use any weapons except the knife.

Treat (default: l) - This is simply a shortcut to the command that can be accessed through the skills menu after you have acquired a Medic skill. If there is a player directly in front of you, you will treat them. If there is no player in front of you, you will treat yourself. If you, or the player in front of you, do not need treating, then you will call out letting others know there is a medic available. You must have available medical supplies to use this key.

Set hospice (default: ;) - This is simply a shortcut to the command that can be accessed through the skills menu after you have acquired a Medic skill. You will place a hospice flag to let players know there is a medic available. Hospice flags are removed when you are killed.

Set artillery marker (default: m) - This is simply a shortcut to the command that can be accessed through the skills menu after you have acquired an Artillery skill. An artillery marker will be placed where you currently stand, as long as you are outside.

Merge partially used magazines (default: n) - This key will lower your weapon and merge any magazines which have been partially used. For instance, if you press the merge magazines key when you have two half empty magazines, they will be merged to one full magazine. If you have one magazine missing five rounds, and another missing ten, five rounds will be deducted from the magazine with ten rounds missing, to create a full magazine and a magazine with fifteen rounds missing.

Apply bandage (default f) - Press this button when you are bleeding to patch up the wounds (Only available if you have a bandage.  If you can hear yourself breathing heavily, and are periodically losing small amounts of health, then you are bleeding.

Toggle weapon fire mode (default: g) - This button switches between firing modes on your weapons.  These consist of single shot, full auto, and 3 round burst.  Keep in mind that certain guns do not have some firing modes.

Bring up Use Skills menu (default: h) - To use certain skills such as building artillery you will need to press this button and select the appropriate function.

Show Available Skills (default: j) - If you need to see what skills you currently have press this button.

Bring up Radio/Voice Menu (default: b) - When you press this button you will have the ability to use a predefined radio or voice message.  Radio messages to go everyone on your team.  Voice messages are heard by those around you.  Have fun with the war cry :)

Toggle prone position (default: z) - This switches between standing up and being prone.  Being prone makes your person lie on their stomach and allows for increased accuracy

Use item (default: e) - Use items allows you to do such functions as press buttons, use ammo crates, and fire mortars.

Drop item (default: Backspace) - Pressing this button will make you drop the Capture the Intelligence item you are currently holding (usually a case or flag). 

Command Menu (default: p) - Using this button will display an in game menu with a series of useful options, such as shortcuts to radio commands and skills.

Unstick (default: Keypad 0) - A debug command to unstick you if you find you cannot move after returning to the standing position after being prone.

Skill and Ranking System

With the release of release candidate 2.1 came the introduction of the skill and ranking system.  Every time you earn 10 points, you will earn a rank.  Upon earning a rank you will be able to choose a skill such as nomenclature (faster reloading) or artillery (ability to use mortars).  We feel that this is a very exciting addition, as it allows you to build up the character you wish to play and adds a new dimension to Firearms.  Plus, while the skills are beneficial, they do not unbalance the game to the point where it is difficult for players just entering the game to succeed.

If you would like to read a comprehensive guide on the skills, please visit and look under the manual section for a skill guide.  It contains information on every skill, allowing you to evaluate the skills beforehand so you can make an educated choice on which you want during the game.

Fatigue System

The fatigue system was introduced with release candidate 2.1 as well, and then heavily tweaked in 2.6.  This was added to encourage more strategic play in firearms.  You can see the status of your stamina by looking at the colored bar on the left side of your screen.  Whenever you sprint or jump, you will become more fatigued.  Once the bar on the left becomes drained completely, you movement speed will become much slower, forcing you to rest.  In order to gain stamina back you must either stand still or crouch.  Crouching is the fastest way to regain stamina so keep that in mind when you are fatigued.


The compass is a bar displayed on your HUD, at either the top or bottom of your screen. It displays map objectives, the position of your squad leader, and the position of any radio commands, such as artillery requests. Console commands for the compass are: cl_compass 0/1/2 for off, top, and bottom. A flag in the compass denotes a "push" point. It will either be Red, Blue, (depending on which team controls it) or white (if no one controls it). A red or blue crate signals a "search and destroy" crate. These won't change color. A yellow star is the position of your leader, and a green radio is the position of the last radio command. Note that the compass does NOT show height, just general direction (N, S, E, W).

Other Notes

The secondary fire key will use the scope on your weapon of it has one. Other weapons may have other secondary functions, such as bayonets or mounted grenade launchers. If your weapon does not have a secondary function, the secondary fire key will toggle between the available fire modes for that particular weapon.

The use key will open up your parachute while you are in the air, and take it off when you are on the ground.  You can also detach your parachute in mid air to save a little time. Be careful though, as detaching too early can result in a broken leg, or even death.

Beta Status

Firearms is currently in release candidate stages (also known as 'beta') and as such may have unforeseen problems and glitches. If you encounter problems, please let us know posting on our forums, which are located at


Firearms team members:
Ben Irwin		- Team lead, 2D art, 3D art, Animation.
Cale Dunlap		- Programming.
Alfred Reynolds		- Additional Programming.
Graham Davis		- Additional Programming, Mapping.
Stephen Charman		- iFeel Programming.
Christian Ă˜elund	- 2D art, 3D art, Animation.
Ross Thelen		- 2D art, 3D art, Animation.
Tim Rice		- 3D art.
Dane Macbeth		- 2D art.
David Reeves		- Web design, Mapping.
Alex Jordan		- Mapping.
Ben Rosen		- Mapping.
Jon Monaghan		- Mapping.

Former Firearms team members with contributions to 2.7:
Eric Smith		- Programming, Firearms' daddy.
Scott Rennie		- Programming.
Tyler Munden		- Mapping.
Michael Hope		- Mapping.

External contributions:
Brian Schkerke		- Linux Port.
Sigurd Svidal Randal	- Mapping.
Toni Hiltunen		- Mapping.
Phil Mapleback		- Mapping.
Torque[MoD]		- Radio Sounds.
Belial			- 2D art.
Mike St. Pierre		- Local gun nut.

Map Credits:
Balcome			- Phil Mapleback, Belial.
Bocage			- Alex Jordan, Graham Davis.
Coldwar			- Graham Davis.
Crash			- Sigurd Svidal Randal, Phil Mapleback, Belial.
Durandal		- David Reeves, Phil Mapleback.
Force			- Jon Monaghan.
Golan			- Alex Jordan
Iwojima			- Tyler Munden.
Marie			- Michael Hope, Alex Jordan.
Oberland		- Alex Jordan
Paradise		- Ben Rosen.
River			- Graham Davis.
Rubble			- Tyler Munden.
Swamp			- Graham Davis.
Thanatos		- Stephen Jackson.
Upham			- Toni Hiltunen.
Willow			- Graham Davis.

Special thanks to:
Caspar Milan Nielson for starting it all.
Everyone at Valve Software.
Christopher 'Ilian' MacArthur for his help with all things programming related.
Bob Heubel and everyone at Immersion for their help with iFeel support.
Recon Gamer
Chunk and SoulBeaver for their generous contribution of a testing server.
Phil Mapleback for his fixes for Bocage, Paradise and Upham.
Big Daddy's Hammer for being incredibly generous.
And anyone else we've forgotton.

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