Front Line Force V1.8 Windows

V1.8 of the Half-Life Mod Front Line Force for Windows.


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V1.8 of the Half-Life Mod Front Line Force for Windows.

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Download 'frontline18.exe' (88.48MB)


- Updated for Steam Compatibility
- added Defiance Hitoutput
| cl_hitoutput 0 = off
| cl_hitoutput 1 = screen & console
| cl_hitoutput 2 = screen only
| cl_hitoutput 3 = console only
- HLTV / First Person Spectator
- Prone Bug Fixed (no more door prone or hiding in capture points)
- Hit-Boxes Fixed; Player models are edited 1.1 and 1.3a hybrid player models with 9way blending removed.
- Reduced the amount of time it takes for bullet spread to return to center
- accuracy improved for all guns a little (has to do with the helmet system)
- Re-Wrote bullet fly-by code, the "whiz" sound only happens now when a bullet passes by your head.
- made all the menus transparent and enabled the observer "move around" system
- moved joins and "remaining health of killer" into the talk area so it shows up in steam
- changed "remaining health of killer" to say "remaining health of <killername>"
- remaining health message doesn't come up if you kill yourself in any fashion (suicide, grenade, ...)
- changed the menu system so you can change class/choose weapons at the end of a round
- added armor to team say and radio messages
- round respawn bug fixed, you cannot die if you respawn at end of round
- added additional defiance awards: Best Sniper, Best Recon/Assault/Support, and Grenade Diver
- added defiance capturing sound
- replaced most of the weapon models with frontline tactics weapon models (the ones that some of the defiance versions were based off of)
- re-enabled duck jumping. pink hated it, i like it, because it becomes a pain to jump on boxes sometimes. - especially when there's limited headroom.
- re-wrote the stamina a bit; doesn't use messages anymore, instead sends the stamina value to the client via regular netcode updates; moved the stamina removal code from the server-side player object into player movement shared object so that stamina is removed _after_ the player makes the jump. The net effect is that each jump is a little higher than it used to be. 
- players capturing can see the enemy on the radar
- put defiance m4 skin on the m4 model
- changed grenade explosion function. Now checks around the players box to see if the player can be hit (no more hiding behind table legs!!)
- added secondary attack to mk23 and beretta to toggle between automatic and semi-automatic (like this version_info.txt says way down below for v0.43)
- added SOME of the HLTV overviews, the rest will follow eventually

-- Map Changes:
flf_pano, flf_rmego, flf_cheyenne, flf_chion, flf_cyprus, flf_ebonysword, flf_qcity
flf_dcity, flf_heatwave, flf_fox (1.1), flf_deep6 (1.1), flf_winternuke

everything is good to go now. Fixed installers uploaded.
If you downloaded v1.8 installer on february 18th and you have problems with winternuke; download this update
We're sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused!

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