Front Line Force V1.8b Linux

This is the full version to Front Line Force 1.8b LINUX.


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This is the full version to Front Line Force 1.8b LINUX.

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Download 'frontline18bfulllinux.tar.gz' (82.58MB)

key changes:
- removed the ability to see enemies while capturing, it was a cool idea (and it fit with what was going on) but was too easy to exploit
- removed the ability to jump, toggle ducking, or move prone while capturing (no more up and down dodging or strafe rolling to rotate the hitboxes really quickly, you should have teammates helping you cap!!)
- fixed the break that the fix of the water capping fix bug did (no capturing through walls.) (can i say that any more cryptically? )
- put the capture point models that were originally made for 1.6 in. (these points have hitboxes allowing shots to register between the visual parts [bullet hits on the client still get blocked by the box though])
- added missing content from deep6 (argh!!)

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