Full Steam Installer

steaminstall_full.exe —


Compliments of VALVe, this Steam Installer includes all the files you'll need to play several VALVe titles: - Half-Life - Half-Life: Deathmatch Classic - Half-Life: Opposing Force - Half-Life: Team Fortress Classic - Half-Life: Counter-Strike - Half-Life: Day of Defeat - Ricochet

Steam is also a game browser, updater, and buddy messenger all wrapped into one fantastic package with other perks included as well as some yet to come.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS * Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP * 64 MB RAM * 400 Mhz processor * 1GB HD space (recommended) * Internet connection (broadband connection recommended)

(If you are not sure your computer meets these system requirements, please check with your computer manufacturer.)



5 years ago

And many years later, Steam has became a lot more than just Valve games and that old green UI.