Capture the Alien 10 points per capture.

NOTES: -The console at the lab doors can be detpacked. -Engineer can repair console,...


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Capture the Alien 10 points per capture.

NOTES: -The console at the lab doors can be detpacked. -Engineer can repair console, spare console in basement. -After being repaired, the console cannot be detpacked again for 3 mins. -Engineer is awarded 2 frags for repairing console. -Scouts can defuse detpacks

The alien resides in the TEST LAB. CAPTURE POINT also is in the TEST LAB, door to chamber will open when entering the lab with the alien.

With the latest compeletion of mapping the human Genome, the scientists have begun to unlock the secrets of the alien Genome. Discovering the close genetic similarities between the two life forms and the potential wealth involved, Cytec and Cryolife decided that it is time to eliminate the competion. One company will hold the future of humankind and the secrets of the orgin of life.

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Title 			:Genome
Filename		:genome.bsp

Author			:[WTF?]Huenberry
Email address
Website 		:
			:Clan WTF?:

Description		:Capture the alien.  10 points per capture.

Type                    :TFC  6-18 players

Status                  :final 

New Sounds: Yes  

New Models: Yes.  

Used WC2.1 with Q2Beaver running HLRAD in -sparse mode.
	Compile time appro.  16000 secs on a AMD K62 333 mhz  128 megs RAM

Select all and unzip to your halflife folder.  Make sure to enable winzip's 
'use folder names' option!

Big thanks go to [WTF?]Un_ethical for making the alien model from scratch.  Sorry for it keeping 
you up late into the night getting it to look right, cheers.

[WTF?]Snowdog for skinning the texture and helping me set up the door enitiies.  Hope I didn't freak out to much and drive you up the 
wall.  Thanks buddy!  And for making killer backpacks with the WTF? logo on it and the various
other packs, grenade, alert, skulls.

Flintman and info_design.  For taking time out commenting on the map and giving superb 
comments and suggestions.  And of course setting up the server.

[NME]Syscrusher and infoline for providing a kick ass server for playtesting
and taking the time to provide us HL mappers a place to test our maps.  And a bunch
of the clan [NME] for running through the map and for being decent and superb players
on East Coast server2

And of course, the reknowed DoE for giving constant and constructive comments and critisms.
MoOg and Alnya for keeping the DoE running, dealing with all us tempermental mappers
and taking the time out of your busy schedules and setting up the server,!  Thanks.

Special thanks go to all the people who took the time out to 
download all the different betas and give feedback: [WTF?]Guardian, [WTF?]Dr.Bones, and [WTF?]
Snowdog for use of his server.


MODELS:  May only be used by clan [WTF?]!

***Authors - Permissions**************************************
This BSP Is the creation of Heath Hill - Aka [WTF?]Huenberry

Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels, Unless permission is sought 
from [WTF?]Huenberry.

You may not distribute this BSP without this file and the genome.txt file.  Unless it 
is downloaded through a Half-Life game server (not likely) using the autodownload feature.

You may not, in any way distribute this BSP for finacial profit.
This BSP may be distributed ONLY over the Internet and/or BBS systems.
You are NOT authorized to put this BSP on any CD or distribute it in
any way without my permission. Though if you ask I'll probably let you.

If you believe any of that shite above then Im laughing.

I Thank you 

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