Half-Life: AMXX Studio



AMXX Studio is a IDE Program to write & to compile plugins for AMX Mod X, Tutorials how to write plugins can be found here, read the "readme" below for most asked Questions & the answers for them.



AMXX-Studio 1.3

1) FAQ
  Q: What is AMXX-Studio?
  A: An IDE to create and compile plugins for AMX Mod X.
  Q: Good, I've downloaded AMXX-Studio, but how to configurate it?
  A: Start it, go to Tools -> Settings, then set your compiler (default is amxxpc.exe in AMX Mod X's scripting folder)
     and if you want your HL directory and the FTP settings. Then you also CAN set the language directory in Code-Tools
     -> Settings (AMX Mod X's lang folder should be in the data directory).
  Q: Somehow, my file has been erased. Is it possible to restore it?
  A: If "Create BAK-file for each file" is checked it is possible. Use Tools->Restore from backup then.
  Q: I'd like to know how to write plugins for AMX Mod X but I don't know any Pawn. How can I learn it?
  A: This is a good question. I recommend this tutorial: http://www.amxmodx.org/forums/viewtopic.php?p=45286
     If you've finished that, you could try to write some simple plugins and get some code snippets from the forums.
  Q: I got an exception. What to do now?
  A: Write a bug report on the forums of amxmodx.org, attach the bug report and describe what you've done to raise
     this exception.
  Q: I have a scripting problem. What to do?
  A: Search on the forums of amxmodx.org, have a look at the documentation and, if that didn't help, post a new thread
     in the "Scripting Help" forum.
  Q: AMXX-Studio doesn't display calltips and neither the autocomplete list. Why?
  A: You didn't set the right path to the compiler (amxxpc.exe in AMX Mod X's scripting folder)
2) Copyright
  AMXX-Studio 1.3 © by the AMX Mod X Dev Team
  Tool invented and developed by Christian "Basic-Master" Hammacher

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