Half-Life BrainBread Mod V1.0 - 1.1 Patch

This file will update V1.0 of your BrainBread installation to V1.1V1.1 Changes/Bugfixes...


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This file will update V1.0 of your BrainBread installation to V1.1

V1.1 Changes/Bugfixes Code: - Reduced default zombie and gibcount - Fixed zombie with gun exploit (and probably human with zombiehands too) - Ammo does now refill while standing near to an ammo box and pressing the use key - Added blood controll cvar (cl_blood) - Added lensflare cvar (cl_lensflare) - Added many new mapping possibilities (see entdescription.txt especially the .tsk section) - Sepparated npc from human zombie spawns - Increased axe and desert eagle damage - Fixed precaching error - Humans won't see zombies on the radar anymore - Increased zombie hp and damage a bit - A zombie player dies after 60 seconds and respawns as human - Increased damage bonus to 7.5% - Fixed bleeding walls/glass bug - Fixed some startup crash bug - Removed some more PE stuff - some other things I don't remember - Some performance tewaks - Zombiesounds play a bit more often Maps: - Added new map bb_carnage - Fixed bugs on the other maps - Added an ending to bb_slaywatch Models: - Added new weapon .44 revolver - Created new ammo model

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