Half-Life: Dragon Mod Z

DragonMod Z gives Half-Life players a new way of experiencing the Half-Life engine. Offering revolutionary gameplay through the use of combo...


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DragonMod Z gives Half-Life players a new way of experiencing the Half-Life engine. Offering revolutionary gameplay through the use of combos and character building DragonMod Z (DragonMod Z) has become a successful mod. Players play online with eachother in a teambattle of Good v.s Evil.

Currently there's Team Deathmatch and Capture the DragonBalls(Capture the flag with DragonBalls). Players choose from 12 characters which are divided into two teams (Good and Evil). Only one person is allowed to play as a character. Each character has 2 special attacks, ki blast (basic long-range weapon) and melee attacks (ie: Punch and kick).

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Download 'dmzclassic.exe' (76.08MB)

Dragonmodz Classic Changes/Additions since 1.7

-DMZ_ShoresWinter (Edit of DMZ_Shores)
-DMZ_MysticWinter (Texture edit of DMZ_Mystic)
-DMZ_Dusttown (Remake)
-DMZ_Outworldtourneyment (Map contest winner: 2002)
-DBR_Statium (added)
-DBR_Arena (added)

-Attack sprites redone 
-New Hud with character icons
-New splash images

-Team indictors
-New gameplay mode: Dragonball Rush (DBR)
-Mini menu (command client): Server, Player, and Mp3 options.
-Voice Communication
-Spectator mode
-Wall jumping
-New menu system
-Mp3 player
-After image after Zaoken
-KI blasts can be charged for extra damage
-New ssj transformation effects
-New aura and turbo effects
-Recoded hyperpunch system

Fixes and Balances:
- Genocide can occur in rapid waves
- Teleportation distance increased X2
- Buu now releases more ki balls that do more damage during genocide.
- Tweaked the blast radious on Frieza's deathball.
- Fixed players dmz_state not being propogated to other clients. 
- Player can move while charging generic ki blasts\beams. 
- Flaws in 3d drawing code fixed. 
- Fixed brollys knockout blast. 
- Changed how powering up in the air animates. 
- Lowered speed of homing balls from 800us-1 to 500us-1. 
- Fixed homing ball/piccolo ki beam conflict. 
- Improved the crosshair
- keyboard shortcuts work on the team selection menu and fixed the problem where Buus selection key didnt work. 
- Improved some of the network messages that were sending much more information than they needed to.
- Decreased the charge up time of Buus mouth beam by half a second. 
- Removed the HalfLife HEV sounds upon spawn and death 
- Health regenerating classes must land and stand still for health increase 
- Speed increase from SSJ transformation lowered to 1.5x 
- Stamina recovered more quickly when a player is crouching. 
- Makankossapo will not stop after it hits a player. 
- Makankossapo is much faster. 
- Changing characters no longer refuels Ki level to max. 
- Homing Balls no longer get stuck in themselves. 
- The 10 Defense-God mode bug fixed. 
- Each defence point reduces damage by 3% (or 5% if blocking). 
- Fixed issue where players class would not always get propogated. 
- Fixed issue on higher ping servers when upon connecting players got a jerking effect. 
- Fixed minor issues with the power struggling system. 
- Each speed point now worth 4% extra speed. 
- Fixed punch animation sticking if puching in the air 
- Resolved giant Genki Dama bug 
- Resolved delayed hyper punch bug 
- Stopped players health going into ludicrously high values with a high power 
level, made the HUD malfunction and basically gave the player god mode.
- When Ki level is at minimum transformed characters detransform
- Fixed problem where players could sometimes change their model manually. 
- Client automatically starts in third person mode. 
- Third person camera automatically adjusts when player backs up to a wall. 
- Stopped "Combo scripts" from functioning.
Fixed Power level increase not sticking with SSJ and Turbo mode. 
- Fixed problem where getting knocked out during SSJ powerup messed up player. 
- Fixed a problem with punching that caused HLDS to randomly crash out. 
- Fixed problem where kamehameha hand glow animation did not play. 
- Turbo mode adds 1.3x speed. 
- SSJ mode adds 1.3x speed. 
- Rewrote speed code to increase overall efficiency. 
- Moved block to a button-hold command (+block) 
- Rewrote power level calculation code for efficiency reasons. 
- Turbo/SSJ power enhancements not counted in anything except attacks. 
- Minimum power level hardcoded to 100 
- Stamina now passed to the client as a long for more accurate display. 
- Added minor fix to the animation system. 
- Prevented player dying upon spawning for the first time. 
- Fixed the attenuation on many of the sounds (like zanzoken). 
- Halved the fall damage.
- Fixed powerup effect effect sometimes not lining up with player. 
- Fixed genocide/ki beam problem. 
- Can no longer use block whilst in a special attack. 
- Changed cells tri beam to explode on impact. 
- Changed destructo disk to not explode on impact. 
- Added jump sound. 
- Made jump higher. 
- Fixed Kame stick/Final Flash malfunction. 
- Changed power struggle beam movement. 
- Lowered damage amount on generic ki blasts. 
- Getting knocked out now disables turbo mode. 
- Prevented players crouching when knocked out. 



-Most character attack sounds redone.
-Added origional DMZ MP3s created by DJ Synth

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