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This is the first Steam Compatible version of Gangwars, released by the Gangwars Alumni. The GA has permission from Topaz, Gangwars' origina...


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This is the first Steam Compatible version of Gangwars, released by the Gangwars Alumni. The GA has permission from Topaz, Gangwars' original creator, to modify and release versions of Gangwars.

Gangwars is a Team DeathMatch modification for Half Life with an early 1990's Gangster flair. It was built originally for Quake, but ported to Half Life sometime in 2000-2001.

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Download 'gangwars145.exe' (75.99MB)

+Administrators need to be registered in the admins.txt
file in
the /gangwars directory
+Administrators need to log in using "gw_pass" command
+Added gw_freebie to map form (freebie & 1 = random gun)
(freebie & 2 = random rifle)
+Added gw_quiet to map form to remove mp3 playback upon
round end.
+Fixed WONID tag on client stats window to show proper
client WONID in stats
+Added support for the popuplar FY maps (included are
+Added user submitted GW_URBAN and GW_MOG
+Remove original administrative authentication

CONTACt: dev@gangwars.net
BETA 1.42b Update:
Made ghettonade map optional 
Fixed colored text parse bug related to names with '^'

BETA 1.42 Update:
+Added say commands "/list" "/teams" "/timeleft" "/stats"
+Added admin DJ mode
+Replaced BOSS GUI with Name of boss
+Replaced DEAD in scoreboard with "----" for easy reading
+Added more administrative commands: gw_beep, gw_cc, gw_say
+Admins can now play songs and pop up vote menus on all
clients with gw_cc
+Added color coded admin messages
+Added flood protection 30min ban
+Fixed unreliable new operator bug
+Added new songs
+Added Ghettonades for bosses (1 per new boss)
+Added cheat protection against sky walkers (automatic
+Bunny hopping after audible jump sound will result in 3x
penalty damage
+Stable Server

Beta 1.4 is a major upgrade from 1.3. Much of the logic and
physics code has 
been rewritten to permit an easier interaction between the
players and the system. 
There is a visual upgrade as well. Again, like other
version of Gangwars, this 
version relies heavily on the files donated by the
community, with some minor 
changes to the formats or the contents of the files. By
files, we mean maps, 
models, sounds, textures, and sprites. Gangwars does not
own the binary package 
with the exception of the DLLs/executables. 
We thank the Counter Strike community and many
repositories, such as cs-skins.net, 
counterstrikecenter.com, and Clan Goat workshop, for
sharing their work and 
binaries with us.  
All the credits to the Counter-Strike binaries used in
Gangwars are included 
in the directory ~gangwars/credits.

Update 9 (1.4 official)
+ Added admin gag command
+ Added new player pain/death sounds and footsteps
+ Removed original SendStatusBar from SDK for better
network performance
+ Finished manual for 1.4
+ Remove team tags for Aimbot team scrambling 
+ Added map voting cycle to 3min on connect, and 1
recurring min delay
+ Added team winning themes

Update 8 (hopefully, the last):
+ Added cvar gw_ping_min, gw_ping_ban, gw_ping_rounds for
high ping kicking/banning
+ Added cvar gw_votemap_ratio, gw_votemap for map voting
+ Added form file: gw_recoil, gw_speed, gw_kickback,
+ Added form file: gw_winmoney, gw_losemoney,
gw_lastkillmoney, gw_killmoney, gw_maxmoney,
+ Added Map specific weapons physics (recoil)
+ Added Map specfic world physics (speed)
+ Added Player view fading in/out when dead/respawned (map
+ Added Audio On/Off buttons on stats menu
+ Added Map voting from GUI
+ Added Updated Top 10 GUI fonts
+ Added Server configurable High ping kicker/banner
+ Added GW 1.0 physics option
+ Added Map specific money system
+ Fixed width on stats menu
+ Fixed Top10 menu, and added date to roster

Beta 1.4 log:
+ Removed all weapons
+ Added Glock 22, Beretta 92F, Magnum 44 
+ Added Kimel AP-9, Ingram Gang Mac 10, IMI UZI 9mm, H&K
+ Added AK74, Matel M16, AK-47 scoped, Korean Army DR200,
Springfield M21
+ Added Mossberg 590, Benelli M4 S90
+ Zoom reset when jumping
+ Removed ability to zoom while running
+ Added weapon specific recoil
+ Added accuracy when crouching
+ Added a switchblade
+ Added new statistics
+ Added new in-game detailed statistics GUI
+ Added VGUI Administrative menu
+ Added 4 admin levels
+ Added menu muzak
+ Added slap, kick, ban, strip, bitch, cheater, slay, and
reset commands
+ Added cl_beat variable for music
+ Fixed the weapon control during round freeze time
+ Removed ability to change names while dead
+ Respawned players at the start of round freeze for 5
+ Respawned players in the middle of the round don't freeze
+ Fixed major scoreboard bug (network)
+ Increased falling damage
+ Less accuracy when jumping
+ Fixed transparent texture decal/penetration bug
+ Fixed the secondary + primary button free-bullet bug
+ New weapon and team specific player skins
+ Removed gw_bier, gw_carz, gw_junior
+ Modified map textures
+ Holler voices
+ Updated physics engine for more realistic bullet
+ Weapon weight specific player speeds
+ Removed weapon upgrades
+ Balanced money system
+ Reworked HUD
+ Increased number of different player models from 6 to 8
+ Added a Team specific scoreboard 
+ 3D radar
+ Many bug fixes
+ Added PAK file
+ Modified maps to support 32 players
+ Official server:

Gangwars 1.2: Client update

This version of Gangwars is a small update that has the
following bug fixes:
- Silencer bug on weapon pickup
- HUD Ammo bug

And the following additions:
- "Perfect" Score messages
- New Juice field on scoreboard 
Unzip this update into your Half-Life directory.
Official server is: (network root)

email: dev@gangwars.net

Gangwars 1.1: Client update

This version of Gangwars is a small update that has the
following bug fixes:
- Silencer bug
- Player ID
- Spectator help messages
- Redundant death messages
- OpenGL DLL link fix

And the following additions:
- New scoreboard (to use original, set cvar cl_teamscores
to 1)
- 3D radar (although disabled at last minute)
Unzip this update into your Half Life directory.
Official server is: (network root)

email: dev@gangwars.net



P.S. I am still looking for modelers and mappers to support
GW - getting tired of CS ones.

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