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Thats right folks, V1.0 of GHOST OPs has been released for Half-Life 1 , In this mod there are 2 teams, the G.H.O.S.T team and Private Secto...


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Thats right folks, V1.0 of GHOST OPs has been released for Half-Life 1 , In this mod there are 2 teams, the G.H.O.S.T team and Private Sector Team.

Each team has 4 different classes, each classes with their own weapons, speed, armour etc.. For all the information of each class, then please --> Click here <--.

check the list below list with features that is in the game. (possible that there is more in the game),

Aiming In Ghost Ops, aiming and walking are one and the same. When you hold down the aim/walk button, your speed drops automatically, and crosshairs or a zoom scope appear to help you aim.

Hacking When you find a control panel, pull out your PDA, aim at the panel, and hold down the Primary Fire button to hack the panel. Click here to see what a hackable control panel looks like!

C4/Bombing When you find a bomb target, prime your C4 by switching to it, then holding down the Primary Fire button to arm it. It will be planted automatically on whatever wall you are facing as soon as it is armed. Important: to plant C4 on the ground, crouch and then plant.

Grenades Grenades are thrown when you release the left mouse button. If you want to "cook" your grenade, or start the fuse before throwing it, just click the right mouse button while holding down the left. If you want to roll a grenade instead of throwing it, just crouch before letting go of the left mouse button.

Radar Having trouble finding the dropped PDA, your team mates, or an objective? The RADAR in your HUD will tell you everything you need to know! The various points on the radar can mean different things depending on their color:

Melee Attacks option to use gun to bash players head in when behind them, or out of ammo. this will work with all guns. will cause a "reel" type effect on the player hit, causing controls to go haywire, screen to get fuzzy. this will only last a short while though, so take em out why you can.

Small Charge Explosives You will be able to get explosive charges to blow doors and walls at certian points of the maps to help you get to a place quicker.this will (if maps are built with this function) force players to work together, clearing out the fastest route to the target. this can also be used to create traps to blow out your enemys while in a small hallway, room, etc.

Laser Sights Laser sight ingame that works on both first person and third person models, following animations. will be added to weapons with the laser attachment.can be turned on and off using the secondary.

Weapons Arsenal Both teams will have complete access to a huge weapons arsenal, with no buy system. The weapons do have a weight classes, and depending on the size of the weapon, and the character you choose, the weapon will react accordingly. IE, light players do not handle guns like the vulcan mini gun well.

Dynamic Gamerules The gamerules portion of the code is dynamic and openended, meaning you are not restricted to just one scenerio. you can can have just one, or ten if the mapper so chooses. this will allow a more storyline based playstyle, and give more design freedom to the mappers.

Particle Engine A particle engine has been added to allow the mappers to add enviroment to the maps, this includes, snow and rain, vent smoke, and steam effects, as well as new bullet hits on materials, water explosions, among many other things.

color BLUE = ghost objectives color RED = PS objectives color GREEN = PDAs that need to be returned to base color WHITE = teammates

If an objective is blinking, that means it is your current target, and is high priority!

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