Half-Life: Global Warfare Full



At last!, Global Warfare v1.5 has released!, since the old version of v1.2, A lot of new things has been changed!.


That the game was more or less redone, is soonest visible at the new graphics. While in Beta 1.2 most weapon- and player models seemed very undetailed and, is Global Warfare reaching the limits of the Half-Life engine in the new version. Also the maps present themself more attention to the detail and profit from the new higher resolution textures and detail models. Effects such as a particle system, 3D muzzlefashes and fine bulletholes round the whole thing down.


But also the sound has been improved a lot. Lots of random ambient sounds and other sound effects are in the maps, as e.g. the fizzling of flies near containers or radios, which you can turn on let Global Warfare seem very alive and not that sterile, as you know it partially from other modifications.

~Transporter system

An eye catching change is the new transporr system. The soldiers now really sit visibly in the transports. One of them is again the transport gunner, who can now defend the transport from the first person view with a M60 or a PKM. Both rifles have infinite ammunition and no recoil at all, which makes them extra deathly for attackers.


Not only the rounds, but also single fights take a little bit longer some times in Global Warfare. And up to now you were in awkward situation, when you ran out of ammunition and had no helpfull teammate. In the new version in all landing zones are ammonition boxes lying around, at which you can get as much ammunition as you can carry. But you can’t get new C4, mines or grenades - mercifully. I don’t know if you can steal ammunition from the enemy, up to now it has failed because of the defence systems In their landing zone.

For the Manual, click the link below: http://www.planethalflife.com/globalwarfare/manual1.5/Manual.html


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