Half-Life: Goofy Mod

Beta V1.5 of the Half-Life mod Goofy HL.


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"Changes Beta 2"

added weapon Minigun
added weapon fists
added weapon uzi
added CS ak47 for CS fans :D
added fgd for mapping
added new map Noname
added Thirdperson view
added OICW zoom
added ghl.fgd
changed OICW ammo capacity
changed shotgun to shoot pellets with more spread
changed RPF to a RPG Nuke
changed all weapons Fire Underwater
changed map Mcdonalds (remake)
changed crossbow scope to 2x zoom
changed python scope 2x zoom
changed snark time to last longer
fixed sprites
fixed OICW
new player models
new splash
removed smokegrenade until it can be improved
removed Heart of Evil Shotgun (thanks for letting me use it)
removed new glock skin
removed gauss charge (actually did it this time)
changed "existences's" Killer Cellphones to killer gman (thanks for letting me use the phones)



"Changes Beta 1"


added 15 new player models 
added New Weapon OICW 
added New Weapon Models (most of them atleast)  
change RPF to instant firing rockets 
changed non explosive crossbow 
added New glock skin 
added New Sprites for all weapons


Special Thanks.

Vash: For Helping with maps.
Hammy-Bob: For Beta Testing and the "XD G-man" model
Garglet: For Goofy Recon Model
Heart of Evil MOD: For letting me use their shotgun model in beta 1.
cHIs-wk: For Beta Testing and Hosting a server
aea: For hosting this mod on your site
Existence Team: For letting me use your Cellphone models in beta 1.
For all the fans and everyone else thank you.

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