Half-Life: Goofy Mod



Goofy Half-Life Beta 2 has been released! The new version surpasses the old version by far, with new weapons, new maps, new models, artwork, sounds etc. It is also more user friendly. There are also over 31 new player models so I'd say you will have some selection!



Changes Beta 2.0 

Code Changes 

added new ability walljump 
added new Server CVARS 
- Allow monsters in MP 
- Gravity Limit 
added HUD customization CVARs 
added SinglePlayer Support 
added new weapons 
- M16 
- M24 Sniper Rifle 
- Q1 Axe 
added commandmenu for quick use ingame 
fixed impulse code 
fixed weapon selection bug 
fixed reload times 
fixed rpf frag count bug 
fixed weapon damage 
- M24 
fixed weapon reload 
- python 
- shotgun 
- glock 
fixed secondary ammo bug 
fixed flashlight bug 
fixed weapon animtations 
- uzi 
changed to hl.dll 
changed ammo capacity on more weapons. 
changed Killer Gman stats 
- more health 
- longer lasting time 
changed rpf damage radius 
changed Health and HEV charger capacity higher 
changed weapon firing rate 
- 357 
- Shotgun's Secondary Fire 
changed hud color 

Artwork/Model/Skin changes 

added new splash 
added 31 new player models 
added and changed some more sprites 
- Crosshairs 
changed hud design 
changed forklift guys face 
changed weapon models/Skin 
- uzi 
- ak47 
- shotgun 
- MP5 
changed "santa bomb" to "severed sci head bomb" 
changed SP models/skins 
- Barney 
- Human Grunts 
- Scientists 
- Garg 

Level Design Changes 

added new maps 
- ghl_boxing 
- ghl_canyonduel 
- ghl_hbpit 
- ghl_quaint 
- ghl_fiction 
- ghl_hellfight 
- ghl.fgd 
- ghl_mcdonalds 
- ghl_hellfight

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