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Hostile Intent for all intents and purposes is the thinking mans First Person Shooter. In Hostile Intent the player has to use cover wisely,...


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Hostile Intent for all intents and purposes is the thinking mans First Person Shooter. In Hostile Intent the player has to use cover wisely, conserve his ammo, work well with his teammates, use communication effectively, keep the mission at the forefront of his mind and especially keep his cool under fire. Those of you who have not played Hostile Intent before are in for a bit of a shock. Hostile Intent, all teams being of equal skill levels, is a very hard game. A very hard game for most players initially. It takes a few times to get the hang of the game mechanics and you have to observe other players and how they act and react but you will pick it up. Everyone does. The basic concept comes from how we have played in the Tom Clancy Rainbow Six series of games but we have a smattering of Ghost Recon too. You, the player, have to take the mission slow, steady and careful in order to complete your mission and stay alive. Clancy’s games have become very popular in the commercial market and they filled a much-needed nitch. The same goes for Hostile Intent. We are the only team based tactical shooter in the Half Life community that takes “realism”, real tactics, believable scenarios, and honestly takes them seriously enough to bring to you, the player.

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Download 'hostileintent_1.5_full.exe' (157.61MB)

*** Added (New features) ***

-Added admin commands to server code. You no longer need adminmod/metamod to give admins basic administration abilities.

Commands can only be executed if the admin's steam id is located in the admins.txt.

hia_map <mapname> - Changes the map
hia_kick <player> - Kicks the player from the server
hia_config <config name> - Will change the servers default config to this and will execute the config file. Similar to the mapchangecfgfile command currently.
hia_nopass - removes the password on the server.
hia_pass <password> - sets a password on the server
hia_ff 0|1 - Sets friendly fire on and off.
hia_hostname &quot;hostname&quot; - changes the hostname on the server
hia_ban <player> Places a 10 minute ban on the player
hia_say &quot;text&quot; - Same as rcon say command from server.
hia_help - lists the available commands

- Capped the player speed reducing bunnyhopping and wall strafing.
- Added feature to shake your screen whenever you take damage or come close to grenade blasts.
- Server logs now contain additional information including objective usage, end of round stats, and basic player stats. Logs now conform to the HL Logging Standard.
- Any player whos ping on a server is zero (ie: hosting a listen server) will display the word &quot;Host&quot; instead of their ping.
- Whenever a player is near an objective the words &quot;Objective Found&quot; will appear on the screen. (Sometimes this happens in front of doors and we are addressing that issue)
- All new weapon sounds added
- New map: hi_bunker by kuebel

*** Changed features ***

- Updated the Admins icon on the scoreboard from a @ symbol to the letter A to co-inside with the Dev and Tester icons.
- Changed the background to AndroidXP's released splash screen.
- Improved the hitbox registration (not all hitbox problems are fixed yet and will be addressed in future updates)
- Death animations now work on all models
- Flashbang now takes 1.25 seconds to detonate instead of 2 previously.
- Shotgun damage was reduced due to hitboxes working.
- and much more!

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