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This mod is an incredible mod. When you join a game you have a choice. You select what position you want to play and what team you want to p...


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This mod is an incredible mod. When you join a game you have a choice. You select what position you want to play and what team you want to play on. You have, of course, one goalie per team and as many players on the field. You fight for the soccer ball and try to out score the opposing team. There are NO weapons of any sort. Just your feet and a tackling ability. The controls are simple. You move with W, A, S, D and you kick with LMB (Left Mouse Button). There are more things you can do in the mod that we have yet discovered. Other than that the mod is very fun and if wanted you can play with the built-in bots offline!

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Download 'ios_l-2.0_full.tar.gz' (26.87MB)


IOS requires Half-Life.

You can join a public game of IOS at any time during a match or you can create your own.

When you join the server you will be asked to select a team then you can select the position that you wish to play. This determines where you start on the pitch. 

If that position is already taken the menu screen will not disappear, you must choose again.



Forward: W
Back: S
Left: A
Right: D
Jump: Space

SHOOT: Primary Attack (Left Mouse Button)

Shooting aims the way you are looking, it also uses the vertical aim to affect the power in the shot. 

Aiming too high and the shot will go high very quickly.

Aim low and the show will have no power. However, this can be very useful for dribbling.

Strafing at the same time you kick will bend the shot.

PASS: Secondary Attack (Right Mouse Button)

Passing will find the nearest player on your team in your current view and adjust the strength of kick automatically.

If the target player is moving the pass aims ahead of them.

Aim low when passing to keep the pass low.

Aim high when passing to pass in the air.


Hold the sprint button down when moving to move faster. 

The sprint gauge on the bottom right of the screen shows how much sprint you have left.

When the gauge is empty you cannot sprint and you will move at normal speed.

Sprint energy is restored automatically after a set time.


Press slide tackle to tackle opponents. 

You will slide and get up again automatically after a short time. 

If the tackle is bad the opposition will be awarded a foul. 

You may receive nothing, a yellow card or a red card.


This can be used to take the velocity off the ball when it's near.


You can switch between firstperson and thirdperson at anytime.



The game decides which player should take these.

The nominated player is placed in position.

All other players are forced back.

If the ball is not played within a time limit, the whistle blows and play can continue.


If you receive a RED CARD you will be SENT OFF into SPECTATOR mode for an amount of time.

Press ENTER to rejoin the game after being SENT OFF.

If you receive two YELLOW CARDS you will get a RED CARD.

Each time you are SENT OFF the time you have to wait to get back into the game doubles.


mp_teamlist: Sets the team names. Normally the server will pick from teams that IOS supports but it is possible to override using this command. If the team name is recognised by IOS it will use player models of the same name.

mp_keepers <0-1>: This determines whether Bot Goal Keepers should be used. The default is 1, Bot Goal Keepers On.

mp_keeperskill <0-100> : This determines how good the goal keepers are. 100=best. 0=worst. The default is 75.

mp_redcard <0-999>: This is how many seconds players should be sent off for. It doubles for every red card they receive since it is possible to receive more than one in IOS. The default is 10 seconds.

mp_timelimit <time> (default is 30 mins) determines the real match length. In the game display the time will be scaled to 90mins. Once the match has ended the server will load the next stadium map and the players can choose new teams.

mp_roundlimit <goals> : This ends the match when this number of goals has been scored by one team. The default is 10 goals.

mp_autobalance 1 : autobalance teams on or off. This will force a player to switch sides after a goal is scored if the teams are unbalanced in number of players.

mp_offside <0-1> : disable/enable the offside rule. Default is 1 (offsides on).

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