Half-Life Lambda Logo Orange Wallpaper

A cool wallpaper made by Houndeye


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A cool wallpaper made by Houndeye

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Download 'hl2_lambda1.zip' (258KB)

Lambda Logo Orange Background by Houndeye

Extract the zip file to my pictures. Go to Control Panel click on Appearance and Themes, then click on Change Desktop background and select lambda logo orange from the list. 
Hope you enjoy the screensaver. More Coming Soon
This background is protected by law but permission is given to resize the picture as it is made for 15.4 incha nd similar screens
Any questions my aim is ledzepfan12345 and my email is headcrabunion@gmail.com	
like CS:S then join Houndeye's clan go to www.freewebs.com/headcrabunion

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